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DreamKeepers: enthused reviews!

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The new furry graphic novel series, DreamKeepers, is now available from the website

The initial reaction is in from the readers, and the feedback is unanimously positive! More reviews are posted at the website on the series page, and will continue to be posted as they come in.
"I just got the copy today, sat down and was blown away by it... The story line is great and I look forward to reading more, hell I'm going to sit down and read it again."

"I don't normally read a lot of hard-copy comics (just stuck on webcomics right now), let alone order them online, but something about yours just popped out to me and coaxed me to go for it, and now I'll probably be a reader for as long as it lasts." - MD

"I just got your book in the mail today, and I am really left in awe right now... everything was so much more than I thought it would be!... The shifts in atmosphere really stood out well for me and let me get involved with the characters... The characters themselves were better than I imagined them, especially Mace..." -MD

"The character design here is top notch. The characters are cute and expressive, and well balanced in their execution. They emote with a very early Disney ease and clarity... The premise is very inventive and innovative. It would be very easy to be preachy or to walk in another writer’s footsteps with the subject matter. DreamKeepers tells an original story with a well thought out framework. "

"I can't recall how I came across your web site but I'm glad I did. I, like you, have been frustrated with what the comic world has had to offer for a very long time. Thats why I'm so glad I took a chance on DreemKeepers. The story, or what you've presented us with of it so far, is very well thought out. I can tell that you took a lot of time thinking this through and it looks like you've come up with a real gem. The artwork is excellent. You have your own unique style that sets you apart from everyone else. The backgrounds and visuals are spectacular... I really can't wait to get my hands on the second volume...
Thank you so much for doing this book." – SS

See samples of DreamKeepers: Volume 1 at the website, and get a sneak peek at the production progress of Volume 2:


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