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DreamKeepers’ anticipated sequel announced

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In the midst of disbursing prizes for their second annual Halloween Fanart contest, the DreamKeepers website announced another second... A year after the release of the acclaimed graphic novel, 'Volume 2' of the series has been unveiled and promoted for pre-order.

The first book of the DreamKeepers saga – "Volume 1: Awakenings"- shipped last year in December. The book has since garnished an independent publishing award, several sterling reviews from online sources, a sample comic in the Furzine publication, interviews in 'Anthro #13' and 'Clawcast' and a growing following for a related webcomic hosted on the DK site.

Additionally, a 'Behind the Scenes' feature on the website has been scattering teasers and samples from the pending sequel book throughout the year. Interestingly, some actual furries from the fandom are being featured in the book as background characters, upon request. After a year of anticipation, this Halloween, website goers were informed that the pre-orders were open... But only for some.

It was advertised on the site that "There will be 300, and only 300, limited edition copies of Volume 2 available." The pre-orders were beefed up a bit by tempting readers with additional goodies, such as complimentary art prints, signatures with custom sketches, and 'hand burnt' packaging.

Interestingly, the creative team for the second installment of the DreamKeepers story looks to be different from the first – on Volume 1's cover, 'David Lillie' was displayed as the author. Within the book, credits were listed to Lillie, as well as Liz Thomas and Brad Higginbotham. It looks like one member of the team has vanished from Volume 2, as the cover prominently displays 'Dave and Liz'. It remains to be seen what impact this change will have on the book’s content. Rumor has it that the missing member styled himself as the sole creative force behind the series and the writing, before he was removed from the team. It seems it will be left in the reader’s hands to decide the validity of this claim after the duo's yearlong work on Volume 2 is showcased.


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