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Video review: 'DreamKeepers Vol. 3' by Dave and Liz Lillie

Edited by GreenReaper as of 02:15
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See more: DreamKeepers, Dave's Essays, Leon on Youtube - animated intro by Rei Vagan.


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That wasn't much of an article.

Well, I'll be...

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You're welcome to provide a transcript!

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In case you haven't noticed, I haven't been posting here for some time.

Reason: no time.

Well, I'll be...

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Oh, thank goodness ...

I thought Chipotle scared you off by being a dick about your negative reviews despite the fact that you're still under 20 and Kyell Gold is the most egregiously blow-jobbed writer in the furry fandom; if he needs his hand held dealing with bad reviews to protect his "fwagile widdle ego", he needs therapy(admittedly, he is a furry, so probably does need therapy). Don't cuss in the future (it's unprofessional; yeah, that seems hypocritical coming from me but you'll notice I only drop f-bombs in comments which I always say don't count), but otherwise, please keep posting.

Are you going to finish your Roar critiques? Better late than never (as a guy with a month overdue monthly column would know)!

Aside to Mister Twister: I love you, man, but shut the fuck up.

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