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2017 Ursa Major Award winners announced at FurDU 2018

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Ursa Major Awards banner by EosFoxx The results of the 2017 Ursa Major Awards were presented at an awards ceremony at FurDU 2018 in Surfer’s Paradise, Queensland on Saturday May 5 at 6 PM AEST [UTC+10].

Winners were selected by the public from nominations made earlier in the year. Each voter could choose three items in each category, providing three, two and one votes.

The winners and runners-up (in descending preference) are…

Review: 'DreamKeepers, volume 3, Intentions Entwined', by Dave & Liz Lillie

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DreamKeepers vol. 3 coverThe last time I reviewed DreamKeepers, with vol. 2, Flight to Starfall back in Anthro #18, July-August 2008, it was by David Lillie & Liz Thomas who had just gotten married. Now it’s by Dave & Liz Lillie. The marriage seems to be working out.

Volume 1, Awakenings (Anthro review), was published in December 2006. There was a less than two-year wait for volume 2 in April 2008, then a five-year gap to volume 3. But it is 144 pages, as opposed to the 98 and 102 pages of volumes 1 & 2. Nevertheless, let’s hope that the wait for volume 4, chapters 10-12, is not as long.

“The Dreamworld is a mysterious reality that parallels our own,” begins the introduction in volume 1:

Humans cannot enter this reality – we can only catch fleeting glimpses of it through our dreaming, unconscious minds. […] Every last person has a DreamKeeper, an embodiment in the Dream World. So long as your DreamKeeper lives, the nightmare hordes cannot enter your mind through your dreams. Everyone’s DreamKeeper is completely unique – your personality and subconscious influence your DreamKeeper’s appearance and abilities.

Vivid Independent Publishing, April 2013, trade paperback $24.99 (133 [+ 11] pgs.), Kindle $4.20

Video review: 'DreamKeepers Vol. 3' by Dave and Liz Lillie

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See more: DreamKeepers, Dave's Essays, Leon on Youtube - animated intro by Rei Vagan.

DreamKeepers’ anticipated sequel announced

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In the midst of disbursing prizes for their second annual Halloween Fanart contest, the DreamKeepers website announced another second...

New furry comic makes big splash outside the fandom

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Out of over 2,690 national entries, The sold-out DreamKeepers book has won a bronze award in the '11th Annual Independent Publisher Book Awards'! Professional reviewers agree -

"This is a fun series that is like no other I have read. It’s high adventure. It’s fun. And most importantly, it’s an original concept from a new voice in independent comics. I can’t wait to read more of DREAMKEEPERS and I can’t recommend it enough."

DreamKeepers: enthused reviews!

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The new furry graphic novel series, DreamKeepers, is now available from the website

The initial reaction is in from the readers, and the feedback is unanimously positive! More reviews are posted at the website on the series page, and will continue to be posted as they come in.

New Comic series starting

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The first Volume of Dreamkeepers will be available in November! Pre-Orders are beginning now.

Dreamkeepers, a new comic book series, is beginning in November. Independently created and published, it features an original storyline and full color artwork in the first 98 page graphic novel.

The first print run will be limited edition, and only 300 copies will be printed. Pre-Orders to reserve a copy opened recently on the website -

More information and pictures are available on the website.

New furry comic - Dreamkeepers!

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There is a brand new furry comic being created called 'Dreamkeepers'. It's slated for national release in winter 07. It has some great artwork, and the concept is very original! Even though it's not out yet, it is definitely worth taking a look at the website -

Take a look for yourself, and see what you think! This is not your typical furry comic!