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New furry comic makes big splash outside the fandom

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Out of over 2,690 national entries, The sold-out DreamKeepers book has won a bronze award in the '11th Annual Independent Publisher Book Awards'! Professional reviewers agree -

"This is a fun series that is like no other I have read. It’s high adventure. It’s fun. And most importantly, it’s an original concept from a new voice in independent comics. I can’t wait to read more of DREAMKEEPERS and I can’t recommend it enough."
Just after a second sold - out print run, DreamKeepers receives exciting award recognition from a mainstream national independent competition!

Receiving a bronze medal in the 'Graphic Novel/Cartoon' category of the 2007 IPPY awards (hosted by the Jenkins Book Group -, DreamKeepers again receives acclaim both from within and beyond the furry fandom. Breaking through traditional boundaries with it's wildly colorful artwork and genre defying story, reviewers from the Indy Comic Review, Silver Bullet Comic Books, Ain't it Cool News, and more have hailed:

"The characters are lively and have depth, the artwork is gorgeous and the story is intriguing.”

"This is a very human story filled with very believable characters. It was this element that grabbed me by the face from the first page. These are characters I genuinely like and feel an intense draw towards.”

“I'm dying to see more.”

"This is one of the few books where all four of us made an inquiry about the availability of the book when we are all done reviewing it. In short, we love this book.”

Although DreamKeepers: Volume 1 is currently sold out and unavailable, the website ( now offers a free and weekly webcomic to fans. The strip titled 'Prelude' explores the back stories of the featured graphic novel characters.

Although the artwork and storylines of the 'Prelude' are far less advanced than those of the book series, readership is nevertheless expanding rapidly for the burgeoning webcomic.

Despite the webcomic, readers of the book series are looking forward eagerly to the second edition of the graphic novel series - Volume 2 is due out in Fall 2007, along with a reprinting of Volume 1 in early summer 2007. The next copies of Volume 1 will be available exclusively at the DreamKeepers website - pre-order reservations are currently being taken. Also on the site are updates and other DreamKeepers news, as well as behind the scenes artwork and progress, at:


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