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New furry comic - Dreamkeepers!

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There is a brand new furry comic being created called 'Dreamkeepers'. It's slated for national release in winter 07. It has some great artwork, and the concept is very original! Even though it's not out yet, it is definitely worth taking a look at the website -

Take a look for yourself, and see what you think! This is not your typical furry comic!


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Yeah, right. A cute furry girl gets skewered on page 6. Makes me really want to buy that. Sheesh.

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I feel somewhat let down after reading the reactions to my news post. I didn't intend for the page samples to portray the whole book as some shallow excuse for violence - the opening scene actually has a lot of relevance later on in the storyline. For the majority of the book, we tried to make realistic character and story development our main goal, to really bring the characters to life. In the series there will be tragic events, and it won't always be pretty, but the story is about so much more than that. I hope I don't come off wrong, I'm not trying to force anyone's opinion or anything... Everyone has a valid response to what they see. It's just that after so much hard work and excitement to finally start sharing what we've made, it's kind of unexpected to get such strongly negative feedback.

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Real life has too many tragic events already. I read furry comics and stories to try to get away from all that for a while.

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That statement is definitely true... It seems like reality is never in short supply of turmoil or loss. I think with our book we're trying to reflect some of the darkness that we see, and eventually comment with it. Although this is the type of content I'm usually drawn to in fiction, it certainly isn't going to be what everyone looks for in their entertainment. I feel better now that I can see where you're coming from, I didn't understand at first.

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