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FC2008 August Newsletter

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Greetings one and all, it is that time again for your monthly dose of
news & happenings for Further Confusion 2008. We have a lot to go
over, so lets get right into it.

This Months Topics:
1. Operations Wants You!
2. Panels and panelists wanted
3. Spirituality track
4. Registration reminder
5. Furry Market Place spaces still available
6. Furry Night Live
7. SecondLife clubhouse and gaming zone
8. Con book submissions
9. Next Public FC Meeting

1. Operations Wants you!

Hello from the wonderful world of operations, if you would like to be part
of this world then you are in luck. The operations department has several
key openings for folks can come in and be part of the team that puts on
Further Confusion. Now is a great time to give back a little to the Furry
Community while having fun. If you are new to Furry working the Convention
is a great way to get to meet new furry friends. So come down to the
Operations department and see what we have to offer. You can get a hold of
us at

2. Panels and panelists wanted

One of Further Confusion's goals is to create an environment for attendees
to share, learn, and grow. Part of how we do that is in the presentations
of panels covering topics in one of our tracks: Art, Writing, Science,
Puppetry, Fursuiting, Spirituality, Species, Gaming, and Social.

At present, we are putting together our FC08 schedule of events and are
now soliciting panel ideas to add to our pool. Furry Fandom is made up of
many folks who have much knowledge and so it is at this point that we
solicit for panelists to apply their interests or expertise to one or more
of our panels. If you have a panel in mind that you wish to run, that
would be wonderful. However, if you simply wish to offer your knowledge to
any of our tracks, please contact and state to
which topics you wish to offer your support.

When sending in panel suggestions, please include the following:
    Panel name:
    Panel description:
    Track panel would fall under:
    Contact email:
    Your name:
    If you would like to run this panel

Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.

3. Spirituality track

Spirituality track has a panel planned on kitsune lore and stories. We
also have someone who wants to lead a panel on otherkin and therianthropy.
Add those to our panel on animals in deity, and we're up to three solid
ideas for the con.

4. Registration reminder

Get your Further Confusion membership now - rates will go up on 9/1/07!  A
standard (attending) membership is $40 through 8/31/07, after that it will
be $45 until 12/30/07, and $50 at the door.  Registration is easy - just
go to <>.  You can
register online using your credit card, or download and fill out the
mail-in form, and pay by check or money order.

5. Furry Market Place spaces still available

We still have 18 spaces left (at the time this is being written) in the
Furry Market Place. So head on over to the dealers page on the Further
Confusion 2008 website for all the skinny on how to apply for YOUR space
and all the details on the limitations that this selling space has. Spaces
cost $65.00 and INCLUDE your full membership to the convention.


6. Furry Night Live

Furry Night Live 2008 - will it be YEAR OF THE NINJA!?

A wise man once said, it's never too early to start planning to be
part of Furry Night Live 2008 - the Greatest Show in Fur! This is the
marquee event for FC's Sunday evening, featuring a variety of furry
acts performed live. New this year we are accepting short video
segments to complement the onstage acts.

Don't have an act? Want to get involved? There will be plenty to talk
about, but if you're interested in participating, please join the
FNL'08 discussion mailing list at
(FNL'007 list membership does not carry over to 2008)

Also watch for news about the new website
<> and the furrynightlive LiveJournal

7. SecondLife clubhouse and gaming zone

For those who play Second Life, we have a Clubhouse that you can
visit. Come enjoy our beautifully themed 'Fur East' area. Enjoy our
relaxing scenery and music stream. Sip some tea in our Tea House and
chat with friends. Use your map and teleport to Critter Valley at 152,
142, 21. If you have SecondLife installed you can teleport directly to
our Clubhouse by clicking on <secondlife://Critter%20Valley/152/142/21>
Be sure to visit the information building to pick up your FREE
FurtherConfusion tee shirts. Collect all the FC tee shirts!

If you are curious about SecondLife but have not tried it before use this
link <> to join. Its

We also have a group - FURther CONfusion (note the spelling). It's
free to join. Join the group to show your support for FC and get
announcements of fun events we are planning especially for SecondLife

We also have a gaming zone for your entertainment just south of the
Clubhouse over the bridge. Come visit our stunning 'Fur East' gaming
area for a fun and exciting time. Due to recent changes in SL rules
the games have their money functions disabled. But they are still a
fun way to socialize. So come on down, bring your friends or find some
new ones there and have a good time with our games

We have available
- Una table
- Devil May Care ( ride the chair to the sky loft )
- Give & Take ( a dice game )
- Multi-game tables: Checkers, Chess, or Go
- A timed chess board
- Danger Zone ( a fun game of peril )
- Haunted tea house with a Ouiji Board

Come and have a good time. Bring your friends and meet new ones!

8. Con book submissions

We are still taking submissions for the Con-book. If you have art,
stories, editorials, or any other kind of media that you think would
fit in well with our theme this year of "The Fur East" please send
your submissions to as soon as you can.
For art, full color is possible and encouraged, black and white is
also welcome. Lastly if you have any questions please feel free to ask
at the address.

Detailed submission guidelines are available on our web site here:

Our deadline on all submission forms is October 1st. Please RSVP to
let us know you are working on something any how many pages you could

If you are on the advertising team of a fur related convention we can
place ads for you for free. As mentioned above we can do full color or
Black and white. If you want to put in an advertisement please RSVP.

Thank you all for reading and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

9. Next Public FC Meeting

Our next staff meeting will be on September 15th, starting at 12noon in
the San Jose DoubleTree hotel. Parking is free - you'll be able to let the
parking staff know that you were with Further Confusion when you leave the

Thanks for reading, as always, if you have any questions about the con a
good place to start is our web site at <> or
send an e-mail to and someone will reply.

Further Confusion


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