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FC2008 November Newsletter

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Further Confusion 2008 - November Newsletter

In this issue:
1.  Pre-Registration closes December 30th
2.  FCTV Needs Your Help
3.  Furry Night Live '08 - Ninja Master seeks disciples
4.  Art Show is Sold Out
5.  Furry Market Place almost Sold Out
6.  Species Track Panel Information
7.  Would you like to take a survey?
8.  Further Confusion 2008 in Second Life
9.  Next Public Meeting

1.  Pre-Registration closes December 30th

Just a reminder that with the holidays fast approaching, the deadline for
pre-registration cutoff is 11:59pm (Pacific time) December 30th.


2.  FCTV Needs Your Help

FCTV is seeking staff to help with our production at Further Confusion
2008! If you have any experience in any of the following areas, please
send a short blurb about your skills to We are
looking for the following:

- Camera Operators
- Video Switcher Operator (aka, Technical Director)
- Technical Assistant

We're mostly looking for camera operators. This will mostly entail you
operating a camera on a tripod. You must be able to follow directions from
the director on a headset and know how to smoothly pan, tilt and zoom a
camera when you're on "Live". We will need you during most of the main
events happening at main stage. Provided we have enough volunteers for
camera, you won't need to be on a camera at all events (unless you want to

We also need camera operators to do handheld video for events such as
Critter Olympics and other panels as needed. This means you should have a
steady hand if you're doing something where a tripod is not applicable,
and be able to keep a reasonable shot at other times if you are on a

For Video Switcher, we need someone who can operate a video switcher
(Training can be provided, but prior experience is a big bonus) and follow
directions from the director. This basically means you listen to the
director to tell you which camera to switch to, and switch to that camera
when told. In some circumstances, when the director is not available, the
video switcher will need to make their own decisions about which camera to
go to.

Technical assistant will help FCTV Lead and/or Second with technical
related tasks. This may include running cables, hooking up equipment and
running tapes and batteries around to camera operators during a live

If any of these things sound interesting to you, and you can spare some
time (Even if for just 1 event), please email

3.  Furry Night Live '08 - Ninja Master seeks disciples

Ninja SUMMON! We are seeking intrepid souls who are organized, punctual
and silent to fill our Stage Ninja Dojo. Please contact us at

Furry Night Live 2008 approaches quickly! FC's Sunday evening stage show
features a variety of furry acts performed live. New this year we are
accepting short video segments to complement the live on-stage acts. If
you have an act or are otherwise interested in participating, it is vital
you join the FNL08 discussion mailing list at

PLEASE NOTE: We will be shooting for a rough lineup by mid-January, and
space is limited. If you have any special requirements beyond plain CD/DVD
playback - live audio, instruments, or other custom audio sources, be sure
to contact us at or we may not be able to fulfill
your needs. Don't wait for FC itself! Also watch for news about the new
website <> and the "furrynightlive"
LiveJournal community!

4.  Art Show is Sold Out

General space in the art show is sold out. Any new applications may be put
onto our waiting list in case panels open up later on. Also, if you intend
to bring art to the show "just in case", please e-mail us at so we can plan, and keep you informed.

5.  Furry Market Place almost Sold Out

The Furry Market Place is almost sold out. Sales will close on December
1st, 2007. At the time of this writing there are only 3 spaces left.

6.  Species Track Panel Information

For all you species panel enthusiasts, we have 12 different panels this
year.  All the regulars will be represented, including aquatic furs,
avians, canines, dragons & scalies, felines, foxes, hybrid furs,
minotaurs, and rodents. But we've also got two new ones:  Gryphons and
Rabbits.  Panels begin Thursday evening at 9pm with the last one ending on
Sunday at 3:30pm.  Come and enjoy both fact and fiction, fans and

7.  Would you like to take a survey?

Further Confusion Gaming needs you! This year will feature the FC debut of
Fur-mily Feud, and we need survey answers! The first set of questions has
already been posted to the 'furcon' LiveJournal and our forums (at
<>), and a new set will be posted
every Thursday. Every answer you give us helps us put on a great show!
Also, starting in December, FC Gaming will start accepting applications
for five-player teams to play Fur-mily Feud live at FC! You don't want to
miss this great new show!  Details for how to apply will be posted

8.  Further Confusion 2008 in Second Life

If you play SecondLife be sure to come visit our beautiful themed club
house on Critter Valley at (164, 162, 22). Get your free tee shirts from
the vendors in our information kiosk, collect the whole set! Join our
group "FURther CONfusion"(note the spelling) - its free too! Come
enjoy a variety of games in our games park just over the bridge to the
south of the club house area.

9.  Next Public Meeting

Our next staff meeting will be December 15th starting at noon in the San
Jose Doubletree. Come be part of something great and volunteer. Look at
any LCD screen for "Further Confusion..." to see what meeting room we are

Further Confusion


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