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Renard's Menagerie #4 available for purchase!

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Renard's Menagerie, the Journal of Anthropomorphic Fiction, has just published its fourth issue, and it's available for purchasing at

Xodiac here, Assistant Editor of Renard’s Menagerie. Issue #4 is out and available for buying, making for a solid year now of publication! There’s some great stories in here, including “The Affairs of Dragons,” by Julie Frost, a tale of a man caught in the middle of a family feud between the stars. There’s also “Chrysanthemums and Cabbages” by Gerald Perkins, a well known author in furry writing circles who died last spring. This will thus be his last published story, and in his honor it is the cover story, with great artwork by Richard Bartrop gracing the front of the issue.

So if you want to read some great anthropomorphic fiction, visit and buy a copy today! Better yet, buy a subscription! Four issues of Renard’s Menagerie to be delivered over the next year. We now have a solid year under our belt, and the stories for the next few issues are looking great. Don’t miss out on them!

Renard’s Menagerie Assistant Editor



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