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FC2008 December Newsletter

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Countdown to the big event: We are just weeks away from Further Confusion
2008, as such, each newsletter gets more important. This will be one of the
last news letters to go out before the big event.

In this month's issue
1.  Come and work for FC!
2.  Pre-Registration closes in just a few days!
3.  Dealer Room Information
4.  Furry Night Live 2008 approaches quickly!
5.  Furly Edition
6.  Fursuit Badging at FC2008
7.  Schedule of Important Times for FC2008
8.  Final Newsletter
9.  Next Public Meeting1.  Come and work for FC!

Want to meet more people at FC this year? Want to save some money?

Yes. You can do both by joining convention staff this year. We still have a
number of open positions available. Please visit the FC page at

If interested, please contact for consideration. If
you have additional talents to offer which are not listed there, contact us
anyway! We just might put your talents to good use!

2.  Pre-Registration closes in just a few days!

Pre-registration closes on December 30th at 11:59pm, so don't delay if you
haven't registered yet. Mail-in forms should be postmarked by December 30th as
well, to give us time to get things entered. All updates and changes need to
be received no later than January 5th, 2008.

Single-day memberships can be purchased at the convention - they are not
available through pre-registration.

Single day prices are:
   Thursday only $20
   Friday only $25
   Saturday only $30
   Sunday only $25
   Monday only $20

3.  Dealer Room Information

- Furry Market Place sales are now fully closed. All spaces that will be sold
have been sold. There are no further Furry Market Place spaces to be had.

- Applications for the Dealer Room/Furry Market Place WAITING LIST will be
accepted through December 25th, 2007. If you want on the waiting list for a
last minute chance at getting into the room, go to the Dealer page on the
website, download the Waiting List form, print it, fill it out, and send it to
us. Get it postmarked no later than Christmas and we will put the form on file
for a chance if there are any cancellations. Please include a e-mail address
you check OFTEN as that is the only way we will contact you if a space becomes
available for you.

- We are mailing out Dealer Room and Furry Market Place confirmation packets
via standard postal mail (NOT E-mail) on Friday December 21st, 2007. We will
also post a copy of the items that are being sent out in that mailing, except
for the 1 sheet containing the specific confirmations, to the website sometime
after Christmas. So if your POSTAL MAILING address has changed since you
signed up for your table/space, be sure to check back to the Dealer page on
the website for the information from the mailing.

4.  Furry Night Live 2008 approaches quickly!

FC's Sunday evening stage show features a variety of furry acts performed
live, plus short video segments, with cash prizes decided on audience ballot.
We will be shooting for a rough lineup by mid-January, and space is limited.
Please reserve a slot by sending email to with:

- Title of your act
- Main Contact's name/email
- Approximate running time
- Act is for competition (yes/no)
- Any special requirements beyond plain CD/DVD playback: live audio,
  instruments, or other custom audio sources.

Be sure to contact us soon as the show may fill up. Don't wait for FC itself!

For further announcements, plus full participation forms and at-con FNL
schedule to be posted soon, sign up for FNL08 discussion mailing list at

We are also seeking intrepid souls who are organized, punctual and silent to
fill our Stage Ninja Dojo. Please contact us at -
First comers to receive Ninja Kitty Hats courtesy of at the

5.  Furly Edition

Party Announcements, Other items of interest that should go in the first
edition? The deadline to get submissions in for inclusion within Furly Edition
Zero is midnight on the evening of January 16th. Due to the time required for
preparation and printing no submissions can be accepted after that time. If
you have specific announcements to put within Furly Zero for the beginning of
the con, send them in to If you have
announcements for later printings of Furly Edition, we will have boxes put out
at the con at con-ops and the info desk.

6.  Fursuit Badging at FC2008

If you have a fursuit, are pre-registered, and need a fursuit badge, here's
what to do. Before January 1, 2008, send a picture of your fursuit to and include the following information in
the email:

- Your real name
- The fursuit name
- Your registration confirmation number

The file can be any standard picture format (JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc.) at 300 dpi
with a usable area of 450 by 600 pixels.

The first fursuit badge is free (though a donation to the convention would be
appreciated), while subsequent badges are $5 each.

Photographs for fursuit badges will also be taken at the convention. Please
see the times that will be posted at the Registration Desk for the hours this
will be offered.

7.  Schedule of Important Times for FC2008

These times are, of course, subject to change, especially on the Thursday
times where we will be in mid-setup.

For a listing of all these times, please see our Hours of Operation page at

8.  Final Newsletter

We'll be sending out on final newsletter in mid January but it will
necessarily be short. Happy Holidays to everyone from our family to yours.

9.  Next Public Meeting

Our next staff meeting will be January 5th starting at noon in the San
Jose Doubletree. Come be part of something great and volunteer. Look at
any LCD screen for "Further Confusion..." to see what meeting room we are

Further Confusion


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