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FC2009 - May Newsletter

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In this issue:
1.  FC 2009 Campout and Picnic
2.  BayCon Party
3.  Announcing our Charities
4.  Hotel News
5.  FC09 Video Room wants you!
6.  Next Staff Meeting

1.  FC 2009 Campout and Picnic

The FC 2009 Picnic will be Saturday August 2nd. starting around 11am, and
will take place at the Lake Chabot Regional Park at the Willow Picnic
Site - <>

The FC 2009 Campout will be on Friday August 1st and Saturday August 2nd.
Campout will take place at Anthony Chabot Campsite -
<>. Reservations will be
required for the campout due to a limited amount of spaces for parking
cars. Reservations will open June 2nd and more details will be announced
before this date. The fee for camping is $5 per person per night.

Dogs are allowed at both sites. There is a fee for parking at the Picnic
site as a well as a fee for bringing a dog to the picnic site.

2.  BayCon Party

Further Confusion will be holding a room party Sunday night at room 348,
starting around 8pm. We will be serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic
drinks, so bring your ID. Be prepared to party !

3.  Announcing our Charities

Further Confusion is proud to announce the Charitable Beneficiaries for
2009. This last year marks Further Confusion breaking over $100,000 in
charitable donations during the past 10 years of our convention.

Mountain Lion Foundation

The Mountain Lion Foundation is a nonprofit conservation and education organization
dedicated to protecting the mountain lion and their wild habitat to ensure that our
wildlife heritage endures for future generations.

The Foundation is dedicated to the proposition that much can be done to preserve the
cougar as a viable species (via habitat conservation, research, livestock protection,
management, and education) and that the success of this effort can assure the survival
of other species.

Guide Dogs for the Blind

Guide Dogs for the Blind is a guide dog school in San Rafael. They
organize raising of puppies, train guide dogs, match them with students,
provide training for the guide dog team (and housing during the training
period), and provide ongoing follow-up and veterinary care for the life
of the team. All services are provided free of charge. They've been in
operation over 60 years, and rely entirely on private donations to

4.  Hotel News

San Jose DoubleTree

a. Fursuit Floor Transfers:
We still have a few slots so if you want to transfer onto the Fursuit
Floor, please contact us as specified in the Hotel FAQ.

b. Exec Level Rooms:
We managed to scrounge up 4 more King Single Exec Level rooms and will be
contacting the waiting list folks for them so pay attention to your

Holiday Inn San Jose

a. The Room Block at the Holiday Inn is filling fast but we still have rooms
available there.

b. Suites:
We have 5 suites available at the Holiday Inn for a
bargain rate of $199 per night. We are now willing to open up those
requests to folks not on the Doubletree Suite Waiting list. If you are
interested in one of those rooms, please contact us using the same
procedure as for the Doubletree Suites (except make an initial
reservation at the Holiday Inn of course) laid out in the Doubletree FAQ.

5.  FC09 Video Room wants you!

Have you ever wanted to work for FC, but didn't know how your knowledge of
Furry films, videos, and collection could help? Well, FC09 is working to
rework our video room. This position would include putting together a
playlist, managing staff to run it from the hours of 6-7pm until about 8 -
9 am, and to make sure our video content is great for our convention
goers. For more information or to share your ideas for the FC09 Video
Room, please contact If you would be
interested in taking on this position, please email and tell them you want to run or work in the FC09
Video Room.

6.  Next Staff Meeting

Our next staff meeting will be on June 14th, starting at 1pm in the San
Jose DoubleTree hotel. Parking is free - we will be providing stickers at
the meeting which will allow the parking staff to know you were with
Further Confusion, and let you out without needing to pay

Further Confusion


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