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FC2009 September Newsletter

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1.  Pre-Registration Deadline: December 30th, 2008
2.  Furry Market Place
3.  Call for Operations Staff
4.  Fursuit Badge Submission
5.  Travel Assistance Program
6.  The Program Book Still Needs Your Submissions!
7.  Convention Book Art and Story Contest
8.  Spirituality at Further Confusion
9.  Announcing Furry Night Live 2009!
10. Final Call for Further Confusion DJs for the main dances
11. Next Staff Meeting
1.  Pre-Registration Deadline: December 30th, 2008

What are you waiting for? Don't let the deadline slip you by. You would be
surprised to know how many people forget to do this. Don't let it happen
to you!

Pre-register now for only $45!


2.  Furry Market Place

Furry Market Place spaces ARE still available, but they won't be for very
much longer! Surf right over to the Further Confusion 2009 website for all
the information on how to get a space, and all the rules associated with
that space. Spaces cost US$65.00 and include one full membership to the
convention as a part of that price. Act now, before they are all sold out!

3.  Call for Operations Staff

Our Operations department still needs people in the following

Con-Ops: Con ops is the operations part of the con, they take care of
where things are and getting a hold of people.

Gopher Den: Gophers Den is the place where all Gophers report for duty. We
need some people to work in the room helping place Gophers where they are
needed as well as Gophers to work various odd jobs.

FCTV: FCTV needs people who know how to run video cameras and other such
video equipment. We will train people if needed.

4.  Fursuit Badge Submission

If you have a fursuit, are pre-registered, and need a fursuit badge,
here's what to do. Before January 1, 2009, send a picture of your fursuit
to and include the following
information in the email:

- Your real name
- The fursuit name
- Your membership badge number

The file can be any standard picture format (JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc.) at 300
DPI with a usable area of 450 by 600 pixels.

The first fursuit badge is free (though a donation to the convention would
be appreciated), while subsequent badges are $5 each.

Photographs for fursuit badges will also be taken at the convention.
Please see the times that will be posted at the Registration Desk for the
hours this will be offered.

If you are not sure that you have registered, please contact Registration

5. Travel Assistance Program


Each year, we have some folks who need a little bit of extra help in
affording the trip to Further Confusion. This is your chance to help them
out. The folks listed on this page are folks who have specifically
requested help from the fandom and are people we feel are worthy of your

If you need just a little help in getting to Further Confusion 2009, we're
here for you! FC can offer travel assistance to those in need. Just e-
mail us at (with 'Travel Assistance' in the
subject line), and we'll add you to the list below.

When e-mailing us, make sure that you include your real name, fan name,
mailing address, and provide a brief description about yourself and what
you feel you can contribute to the convention. Note that the deadline for
getting on to the travel assistance list is October 1, 2008.

If you want to make a donation to the convention to help a specific
person, here's how you do it. Send us a check (our address is listed on
our Contact page: <>) with
the name of the individual listed in the memo field of the check (or money
order, as the case may be). We will deposit that check into our accounts,
and in after the request deadline, we will notify the person of the amount
received on their behalf. We will NOT reveal the names of persons who have
made such contributions unless both the recipient and the donor desire us

6.  The Program Book Still Needs Your Submissions!

With the initial deadline for the con book is October 1st, so things are
right down to the wire -- but as yet there's very little artwork, a single
advertisement, and almost no editorial. For illustrations, staffers are
encouraged to remind artist friends that their works would be most
welcome! Editorial, of course, is generated internally, and any staffer
who wants to know what material is still outstanding is encouraged to
e-mail for a list of needed items and a PDF
file containing the con-book specs.

7.  Convention Book Art and Story Contest

FC2009 is proud to present a Con Book Art and Story contest. We will
randomly select two art winners and one story winner from all of the
entries, and each one of those winners will receive a Patron Level
membership to FC2009. The Con Book editor will then decide who gets
published in our Con Book form among all the entries,winners or not.

Deadline is October 1st!

A Patrons membership to FC2009 includes:
- A Free FC2009 t-shirt
- Admittance to our Catered Patron lunch with our Guests of Honor
- Cool Goodies such as our limited edition convention lapel pin and  other
- The ever so cool Patron badge.

The Rules
- Each artist and author is limited to one entry per person.
- Art , Stories and Poems have to be PG rated. No exceptions.
- Art should fit the theme of FC2009, which is "Surf Safari". Which  our
        website states as "Catch a wave and hang-ten off the shores of a
        Polynesian isle, or hit the beach and grab a mojito under the palm
        trees, listening to the call of tropical birds." So think of surfing
        films, hanging out at the beach and having a cool drink.
- Poems, or Essays should also fit the theme as well.

For more information, please email

8.  Spirituality at Further Confusion

This year Blackfeather will be helping to coordinate spirituality events at
FC.  He'd like as much input as possible from you, the attendees, as it is
your convention! For events to get listed in the actual program book they
must be in soon, next week in fact.  If you have an idea for a panel or
other activity or event, please email him at

So far he has an open roundtable discussion and an atheists' and
agnostics' discussion on spirituality.

9.  Announcing Furry Night Live 2009!

Hey Dudes and Dudettes, grab your boards and head to the stage! Further
's Surf Safari keeps rolling with our Sunday evening tradition -
Furry Night Live! FNL09 is currently accepting not only live on-stage acts
but video submissions as well, competing for audience votes and prizes.

Awesome acts are not built overnight! Need help getting your act ready?
got questions on equipment or regulations? Looking for a few extra surf
dawgs to round out your beach party? Join the FNL09 Discussion Mailing
List: <> (FNL'08
membership does not carry over to 2009)

Space is limited for acts, so don't get left with your head in the sand!
Also check out for future announcements and
discussion. If you have any questions, please contact

10. Final Call for Further Confusion DJs for the main dances

These dances occur nightly in the main ballroom, starting around 9pm-10pm.
Each night has a different theme, and we are looking for DJs who can
perform accordingly.  Friday night, Retro night, best of the 70's, 80's,
and 90's.  Saturday night, the best of popular electronic dance music
(ie., house, trance, electro, breaks, etc.)  Sunday night, is up in the
air, probably including the best dance music that doesn't fit on the other

Submissions should be in MP3 format, and showing both your taste and style
in track selection, as well as your ability to seamlessly mix music and
keep the flow moving. Send an email to
and include your real name, fan name, type of media you use (CDs, Vinyl,
Laptop), type of genre(s) you play, link to MP3 demo, and any other
information you feel pertinent.

We will be accepting demo's until October 31st, and will put together a
schedule shortly after that and notifying all the DJs.

Also, we will be bringing back the "Live! Action! Drawing!" during the
dances.  We set up a large easel up on the stage with a spotlight so
everyone can see, provide you with paper and implementations, and give you
roughly an hour or so to draw as you are being inspired by everything
going on around you.  Interested in this?  Also email

11. Next Staff Meeting

Our next staff meeting will be on October 18th, starting at 1pm in the
San Jose DoubleTree hotel. Parking is free - we will be providing stickers
at the meeting which will allow the parking staff to know you were with
Further Confusion, and let you out without needing to pay.

Further Confusion


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