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Another Year, Another Feral!

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Simba wants you to attend Feral! Read on, to find out how to attend "...the
fourth year of the world's premier furry summer camp event!"

Are you getting this feeling like the winter's just dragging on and on
and on...?

Don't despair! Summer is on it's way! It's a seemingly endless palette
of colour, warmth, and excitement!

Get the most out of your summer by joining us at Feral! 2001, the
fourth year of the world's premier furry summer camp event! It's four days of fun and adventure, all within the dramatic beauty of Canada's wilderness.

One of several furry artists that will be instructing workshops at
Feral! 2001 is Benjamin, the liger. Benjamin
will be instructing the Painting workshop, employing his knowledge of the
painting media and colour theories for the benefit of his students. Be sure
to keep your eyes and ears perked and ready for further announcements!

On the activities schedule, we have a few new additions this year!
Expect to see canoe jousting, a night-time game of "capture the flag",
spirituality discussions, and dreamcatcher construction all as new
introductions to Feral!'s line up. There'll be plenty going on to keep
anyfur busy!

Feral! nights offer furs the opportunity to marvel at a sky that's
brilliantly bejewelled with stars, the perfect setting under which to roast
marshmallows around the campfire and sing the night away to everyfur's
favorite tunes.

Be sure to visit our website in order to get a handle on all of the fun and fantastic things that will happen at Feral! 2001!

Register and pay by midnight March 31st 2001 and you will receive a $25
CDN ($18 US) discount on your registration fee. Don't you dare miss out! ;X)

We hope to see you there!

On behalf of the Feral! staff,

Benjamin Eren Robinson


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