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New Tai-Pan Fanzine Issue Available

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From the Tai-Pan editors: "Tai-Pan issue #27 is available now!Issue #27 is 50 pages long, contains a chapter of our serialized
novel, a complete story, and artwork by eight different artists. Issue
#27 may be ordered directly from the publisher or from Mailbox Books.
For ordering information (and to see the cover, learn more about the
contents, and find links to lots of other information about the
Tai-Pan Literary and Arts Project), check out this web site."


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I should mention that Michael and I can't attend Anthrocon this year, but the issue will be available at Anthrocon at the Mailbox Books table.


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Aww. I was looking forward to actually meeting you. Another year, perhaps.

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Too bad ta here that guys, but I'll look forward ta seeing you at Conifur!!

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If I'd just been more agressive year before last at FC. Oh, well.

We had hoped that maybe we could do AnthroCon just as fans this year, but between the weirdness at both of our jobs, we can't. He can't get any time off at all right now. We're each doing jobs that used to be done by about four people before the lay-offs at both places and acquisition at my place of employment.

The up-side is that so far we both still have jobs (knock wood), so I should just count my blessings and say, "Have a great time at Anthrocon, everyone!"


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