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Feral! the furry summer camp

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Feral! is warming up to be one of the summer's hottest furry events!

There is only a few weeks left for registration, so check out the web site to see all the great stuff that Feral! has to offer! Register today!

What does it have to offer? Lots!

Aside from the usual great con stuff, like an art show and getting to make lots of great new friends, Feral! offers a wide array of furry-related workshops. Seeing as it's hosted at camp (not far from Toronto, Ontario, Canada), Feral! also plays host a big bunch of camp style activities, from archery and canoeing to high ropes and wall climbing!

Anyways.... I can't really tell you all the great stuff there is to do in a single news clipping here, but if I've piqued your curiosity, check out our web site. The URL is...

See you all there! :X)


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