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What are your preferences in regards to convention size?

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Really big conventions (1500+ people)
18% (89 votes)
Large conventions (1000-1500 people)
8% (38 votes)
Medium-sized conventions (500-1000 people)
33% (164 votes)
Small conventions (500 or fewer people)
15% (76 votes)
Size doesn''t matter to me
26% (127 votes)
Votes: 494


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1500 furs? And we thought that 64 was a large gathering this month!

Are furmeets common outside the UK or is it just us?

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Yup! Take a look at the Anthrocon website. There's a bar graph showing how attendance has increased every year; they're up past the 1500 mark already!

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Ooooh, are you in the UK? Do you know Otana?

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And if you want to see the whole numerical history of furry conventions:

David Cooksey

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Yes. No.

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I always have to do a doubletake when I see RCFM on a list like this. *Heh* Cool website.

Our current (early) estimates are that we'll have something more than 150 registrations for 2004...

Rocket City FurMeet

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Size doesn't matter! It's how you use it!!!

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The more FURs the better! It's only a matter of time before we're big enough and organized enough to be considered a "target market".

Furry TV channel
Furry Over-the-Counter Magazine
Furry Books & Movies
Furry Potter!

ICQ: 1747054

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Furry Over-the-Counter Magazine

I'd prefer a Furry Top-Shelf Magazine! ;)

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Nice fantasy, however, you must remember that furryfandom will always be the paraya fandom. Because people feel obligated to openly display their sexual fetishes/promiscuity like a badge of honor, most mainline fan types and the public will always view furrydom with derision, mistrust and outright hostility. I have seen it for almost 20 years in furryfandom. Sad but true. One must maintain decorum in public places or risk ostracism and ridicule. When the fandom was smaller (when there were about 100 of us who attended cons) it was easier to maintain a healthier relationship with other people even at regular SF and Fantasy cons. We were always fringe fans, though. With the mega-huge all-furry cons many have opted to go about acting however they wish and therefore ruined the reputation of the fandom and made nearly everyone not involved with us think we were all sex-driven fetishists with no creativity or real excuse for gathering other than personal gratification.

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Considering I was just trying to explain "furry" because I was explaining the upcoming convention in September, Conifur NW to my coworkers today and they had obviously heard nothing before of "the furry fandom", I would say we are not mainstream and likely to start encouraging anything targetted towards (rather than at) us for a while.

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My boyfriend went to AC and when they took an official count, they came up with 1,994 furs... I'm thinking that they had a little over 2000 at one point though.

Pretty sizable... and very cool!

Tlaren }:=8}

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I've never been to convention before, so any convention would be OK by me.

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1500 is not a large convention in the scheme of conventions. GenCon easily has a small city attend every year, ComiCon International is huge as well, and even with specific genre conventions, like Anime Expo, DragonCon and Marcon, you still have larger audiences.

Perhaps the poll should read for furry conventions, as many furries still go to events outside of furry.

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