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Russian furs look north to summer event

Edited as of Sun 24 Jul 2011 - 22:28
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Russian furs now have another event to budget for besides the long-running Rusfurrence.

The Summer Furry Conference [translation] will be held 8-11 July at the Korobitsyno Cascade, on the Karelian Isthmus linking Russia and Finland. The hotel opened in 2008 and boasts "comfortable rooms of a European level."

Event organizers expect to attract 70-100 in the first year, including a few from Finland and Ukraine, though there's room for up to 130. At press time 62 had registered interest, most from St. Petersburg or Moscow.

Programming on offer includes animatronics panels, a literary evening, barbecues, a pet auction, paintball, orienteering, lake activities and a disco. Board games and DDR will also be available.

Registration costs from 6040-8940 rubles (~US$200-300) depending on the selected accommodation. All levels include three buffet meals a day, starting Thursday afternoon. Sponsors who pay an extra 1000 rubles will get a "special gift."

The hotel also contains Finnish/Turkish steam rooms and a Russian sauna, each available for small groups for 1000 rubles/hour. They come with aromatherapy equipment, a jacuzzi, and what is — perhaps jokingly — called a "yiff room."

The relatively low price was appreciated by one guest [translation]:

I guarantee that after the poor furries have a taste of hotel accommodation at such prices, in the winter they will no longer want to stay in B&Bs in the vicinity of Moscow [for Rusfurrence] for 8000, 7000, or even 6500 per person :) — Duma-Obolenksky N.

Transportation should be simple for those who can get to St. Petersburg, as a chartered bus will take furs from the ???????? ??????????? (Prospect of the Enlightenment) metro station on the first day.

The event is being organized by Renkti, Kichee, Lozi and Akira.


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I'm happy to see the first major summer con in Russia.

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Anyway, it isn't so easy to get to St.Petersburg if you are not living there or Moscow, and most furries that will be there, will be from Moscow and St.Petersburg. :)

?? ?????? ?????? ? ???? ?????? ??????...

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For now, perhaps. But next year, who knows?

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I hope furrs would be gathered from various places of Russia. I assume there will be many new furrs to meet who you can't see on a winter con.

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