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AU$1.5 million of tax money spent on edgy dog comedy

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The Melbourne Herald Sun has taken an interest in government payments made to "cult" TV series Wilfred, running on network broadcaster SBS. Film Victoria put up over AU$500,000 across sixteen episodes, while Screen Australia contributed almost AU$1 million.

The show features drug use, sexually-themed conversation, and psychological mind-games between Wilfred (Jason Gann dressed as a dog) and his owner's boyfriend, Adam, who finds himself drawn into competition with Wilfred for his owner's affection.

Despite critical acclaim, Family First Senator Steve Fielding was not impressed:

I don't think taxpayers' money should be used to finance film projects that display acts of bestiality.

Several videos are available on the show website; U.S. viewers may also get their own version in the future. [tip credit: Higgs Raccoon]


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Certainly isn't the worst waste of AU take payer money... I mean, they spend a crap load of money banning video games that their people find ways to obtain anyway.

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