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Microsoft: Xbox graphics to include 'furry engine'

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Sorry, this article may appeal to gamers and game developers only. I ran across this article on Microsoft's research site, stating the abilities of the Xbox's graphics engine to produce fur.

That's right. Fur.

Finally, as well as your phong shading over your polygons, you now get to have fuzzy characters. It reads like standard Microsoft PR garbage, but if you anticipate purchasing an Xbox, perhaps you wish to have a look at the article at:


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Kree points to the comment above his. "He's sort of right. You need to fix the html because the link is pointing to rather than like it says. Anyway, I found the article to be rather interesting. Its almost scary how good the XBox is sounding. Now we need only wait and see if someone will take that technology and use it to make a game featuring anthropomorphics. Hey, I can dream!" chuckles the otter.

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Now we need only wait and see if someone will take that technology and use it to make a game featuring anthropomorphics. Hey, I can dream!

The fighting game "Bloody Roar" and its sequels have werecreatures as the primary characters.

"Bloody Roar" 1 and 2 were for the Playstation, and 3 is for the Playstation 2. The graphics in the first two are mediocre (though it's still a cool game), but 3 is visually spectacular and just as furry as the previous two. The creature models in 3 are very detailed and have very good fur texturing.

In addition to standard punches and kicks, you have animalistic moves like slashes, rakes, and ripping your opponent's throat out with your jaws when in were-form. Not for the kiddies.

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The link is fixed. I think I posted this story while still at AC, and obviously wasn't paying much attention to the content. Sorry about that!

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But therein lies the question; will the X-box be popular in the gaming community or not? With all the negative sentiment I hear towards Microsoft, it might have to work harder for this, as well as share the coding methods needed to make games--something they notoriously have yet to do with other pieces of software. Of course, there *IS* that recurring problem of delaying the market date with major products--most notably the Win95 OS.

So there you have it. Even with the unbelievable hardware, will MS succeed with its effort? I seem to remember a small company going bankrupt during the days of the NES until it poured its remaining resources into one last-ditch effort--"Final Fantasy." Even with MS's vast financial resources, they need a title to motivate people to purchase the system. Just like Kree posted, sales all depend on MS coming out with a game (in his case anthro.) the market desires.


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