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Ohio plays catchup, bans human-animal hybrids

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Not wanting to let Arizona get all the glory, the Ohio Senate has passed a bill banning the creation of "human-animal hybrids."

The bill was supported by the Ohio Christian Alliance and threatens violators with up to a year in jail, and a minimum fine of $250,000 if they make a profit.


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...They can die in a fire.

Fucking humans.

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I still can't understand what would motivate someone to pass these bills, bar a skewed sense of ethics or a serious addiction to James Patterson thrillers. It's not as if we are getting close to having a fully functional furry any time soon, so why hastily vote in legislation on it? Are they trying to justify their wages?

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Has anyone seen the trailers for the new movie I believe called "Splice"? I think people are just over reacting. Religeon is always a setback for science. Just look at the dark ages of europe. Virtually no scientific advancement. Everything was ruled by the church. And now Animal-human hybrids are a "sin against god".

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I see in the bible where it says you can't have sex with an animal, but where does it say "Thou shalt not mix their genomes."

I mean, did God not predict this and now we are making assumptions about what he wants based on his prior rules? Shouldn't God's original rules be good enough? Oh no, of course not, because we know God better then He knows himself.

Well, at least they're leaving the gays alone and attacking imaginary things that don't exist yet.

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There was this one woman who's name escapes me. She said "Its amazing how so many people know what God wants. It just seems strange that what God wants is always in line with their own goals" I may be paraphrasing but that's the gist of what she said.

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this is what happens when religion is given a free run to attack and harm others. I say slash their power until they are not any more powerful then a piece of trash in a gutter. Until they learn the facts that they cause wars, harm people, and more, they have no place in a society.

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Geeze, overreact much?

While I agree the bill is an asinine and short-sighted one, I don't think it deserves a dribbling of the bile you're throwing its way. And let's not shovel the blame on Religion en toto, but keep in mind that this is a loud, activist fundamentalist division whose opinion is very likely not shared by other religions, and likely not by moderate branches of their own faith.

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the majority speaks for the minority..... This applies to anything, including the fur fandom. Until people are proactive about the immoral behavior out there, it will continue to speak for the minority....

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I don't consider fundamentalists the majority by far, they are just the group that shouts the loudest. I do believe however it is time that the less radical majority make it clear that they don't consider animal-human hybrids as being in any way related with their religion, nor do they share any of their misguided interpretations of the bible. "Christians Agains Hate" or something along those lines. Christianity's starting to seem as if it's all cultish and heretic-burning from the outside.

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I'd worry about protecting the things and people that actually exist from such people rather then get defensive over hybrids who don't exist yet.

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It's banning the physical creation of human-animal hybrids, and my girlfriend explained to me that this would be impossible anyways, at least in our day and age, and I highly doubt it would be possible anytime soon anyways.
I support this. I am pretty sure it was nothing personal against furries, much less they even care what the hell a furry is, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want any money going to something like this. It's ridiculous and IMO illogical when there are so many other problems we need to get through.
'Something like this' being the experimenting, ofcourse.

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Okay first off
That was news to me that they where studying that
Then second wouldn't be more along the line of genetic enhancement
Third; isn't this like the movie the amazing spider-man with the whole concept of cross specie genetics
Forth: does anyone realize how much of medical brake through that any of this kind of research could bring
And lastly: if religion is involved in anywhere it shouldn't be, last time religion was in charge was the medieval era and (with all sarcasm) "boy did that work so well everyone was so happy and they sure did do the work selfless work of god"
*cough* bullshit *cough*
My point here is the amount of pros that could come from this type of research should out weigh the cons ( in my opinion please note I am not a expert on these kind of things but am I the only one think there could be a lot of good from this type of research (besides the idea of a animal/human hybrid))

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