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FC2011 July Newsletter

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In this issue:
1. Convention Dates Changed
2. Hotel News
3. Themed website launch
4. Guests of Honor for FC2011
5. Annual Further Confusion Camp-out and Picnic
6. Events
7. Dealers Room and Furry Market Place
8. Next Staff Meeting

1. Convention Dates Changed

The dates for our 2011 convention have changed. We now have the Martin
Luther King holiday (U.S.) weekend dates of January 13 - 17. Please be sure
your travel, hotel reservations dates, and vacation requests match up with
our new dates.

2. Hotel News

We have run out of rooms on Sunday and Monday, but expect to have more
available today.  If your reservation is refused, please try again after a
short wait.

3. Themed website launch

Our themed website for Further Confusion 2011 has arrived! Many thanks go
to Krahnos for the design and artwork that gives our website a strong
anchoring within this year's theme of "Southern Crossings".

4. Guests of Honor for FC2011

Our first Guest of Honor for Further Confusion 2011 for this year's
festivities, as announced at the end of the FC2010 variety show, is the
awesome art team of Blotch. You can find their art and other information
about them at <>.

Our second Guest of Honor is Paul Kidd, who has been active within furry
fandom since its earliest days. He is the author of such furry novels as
Fangs of K'aath, Mus of Kerbridge, to name just a couple. Paul has most
recently been working as a scripter and producer in the film industry. His
scripting credits include work for Eric Idle, Jon Pertwee and Tony
Robbinson. He is currently engaged as a producer with the Hollywood EPIC
film fund - which will hopefully lead to getting his own feature films and
TV series out in the near future. Plus, he's from Australia - which is just
perfect, given our theme this year.

5. Annual Further Confusion Camp-out and Picnic

We are currently making plans for the FC2011 Camp-out, which will take
place on the nights of Friday September 10th and Saturday September 11th.
Watch for further announcements about location and sign ups soon.

The annual Further Confusion picnic will be held Saturday, September 11th.
Again, watch for more detailed announcement coming shortly.

The picnic is free and open to all - no RSVP required!

6. Events

Now is the time of year when we are recruiting for panels. We have several
tracks of presentations including: Art, Writing, Fursuiting,
Science/Technology, Puppetry, Gaming, Social, Species, Music, and
Spirituality. Please put your requests in early to have a better chance of
being scheduled. If you have something that you find interesting and is
related to furry fandom, email us at

7. Dealers Room and Furry Market Place

Dealers Room Sold Out - Waiting List has begun

Yes, it's that time of year again, the Further Confusion Dealer Room has
sold out. So, if you are interested in getting a table in the Dealer Room,
the only way will be to submit a Waiting List Application. This application
is available as a PDF on the dealer page of the Further Confusion website.
Just print it out, fill out and send in the last 2 pages, and you'll be in
the lottery for a table when/if one becomes available.

Furry Market Place spaces go on sale August 1st, 2010

Even though the Dealer Room is sold out, the 20 spaces in the Furry Market
Place have not even been offered yet. But they WILL be. They start on sale
for US$75 (which includes one full membership to the convention) starting
August 1st.

If you are interested in one of these spaces, watch for the Furry Market
Place page on the Further Confusion website in early July. The application
for purchase of a Furry Market Place space will appear there, in PDF form.
For FULL details, including the limitations of the Furry Market Place (No
Adult material and you have to set up and tear down each day) see the
Further Confusion website's Furry Market place page when it goes live in

So, watch the skies... er, the website, for the Furry Market Place
applications in July. And again, there will only be 20 spaces available and
when they are sold out, they are sold out.

8. Next Staff Meeting

Our next staff meeting will be on July 17th, starting at 1:00pm in the San
Jose Fairmont. Check the lobby electronic sign for our room assignment.
Parking is available in the surrounding area but is not free. The parking
lot closest to the hotel will run $7 for the duration of the meeting.

Further Confusion


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