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FC2011 August Newsletter

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FurConIn this issue:

  1. Convention Dates Changed
  2. Hotel News
  3. Registration Price Change
  4. Badge Art Wanted!
  5. Art Show Sales Open
  6. Dealer Room Waiting List Application on website
  7. Furry Market Place spaces go on sale starting August 1st
  8. Next Staff Meeting

1. Convention Dates Changed

The dates for our 2011 convention have changed. We now have the Martin
Luther King Jr. holiday (U.S.) weekend dates of January 13th - 17th.
Please be sure your travel, hotel reservations dates, and vacation
requests match up with our new dates.

2. Hotel News

Standard rooms:  The Fairmont has sold out of rooms in the main building.
Single and double-bed rooms at the $153/night rate are still available in
the new tower.

Fursuit floor:  The fursuit floors are now sold out.

Party floor:  Party floor rooms are still available!  See the Party Floor
Policy before requesting a room -

Suites:  Suites in both towers are still available.

We will be announcing the availability of rooms at our overflow hotel, the
St. Claire, in the near future.  The St. Claire is only a short walk from
the Fairmont.

3. Registration price change

Register Today!
If you haven't pre-registered for Further Confusion 2011, now is the time!
Starting September 1st the price for pre-registration will go up to $45,
so get signed up at <>

4. Badge Art Wanted!

Further Confusion is currently seeking artwork submissions for the 2011
membership badge inserts. Both color and black & white artwork will be
accepted, and all artwork will be considered on overall 'look and feel',
plus these additional points:

- Size: Art must scale to be printed at 4" x 2".
- Theme: Art must accurately reflect the theme of the con.
- Age appropriateness: The art must be suitable for viewing by children.

Artists submitting images should be aware that there is no payment for
badge art chosen, and the artist gives Further Confusion the right to
reproduce the image as badge art for FC2011. The artist will be credited
on the insert and in the con program book. The artist retains all other
copyrights and reproduction rights beyond the above.  Submission deadline
is November 1st, 2010. All qualifying submissions will be seriously
considered and we will choose 6 designs. All artists will be notified by
December 1st as to whether or not their submissions have been chosen.

Submission technical specs: We prefer JPG format at best possible quality
compression, at 300 DPI. An 8" by 4" original scanned at 300DPI gives us a
good file to work with. Badge art submissions should be sent to . In the email specify how you wish to be
credited should your art be chosen.

5. Art Show Sales Open

The art show sales are open! If you are interested in placing a piece,
please see <> for the rules
and an application form to be in the art show.

6. Dealer Room Waiting List Application on website

The Further Confusion 2011 Dealer Room may be sold out, but that does NOT
mean that there is no chance of you getting in. Usually around the end of
the year we get at least a few cancellations, and when that happens we
turn to the people that have sent in Waiting List Applications to fill
those tables emptied in that manner. We make our selection from all
applications present in the pool at the time of the cancellation. So for
you best chance, get your application in as soon as possible. But
remember, we can't make any promises that any tables will become
available. The Waiting List will stop accepting applications on December
15th, 2010.

7. Furry Market Place spaces go on sale starting August 1st

Yes, that's right, it's that time of year again. We are putting 20 Furry
Market Place spaces up for sale starting August 1st. For full information
on the limitations of this area (Like 'No Adult Material' and 'Set up and
tear down daily') as well as the application you need to fill out and send
in with payment, head over to the Further Confusion 2011 website. The
application is in PDF format. Cost of a space is US$75.00. You MUST be
at least 18 years of age, and you must have a valid CA Sales Permit (Free
- there's a link to where you get them on the website) before you start
sales on Friday of the convention.  Again, all the information is on the
website, and space IS limited. Sales will close when all 20 spaces are
sold or December 15th, 2010, whichever comes first. (Unused spaces will
either be removed from the layout or offered to our charities as
additional display space.)

8. Next Staff Meeting

Our next staff meeting will be on August 28th, starting at 1:00pm in the San
Jose Fairmont. Check the lobby electronic sign for our room assignment.
Parking is available in the surrounding area but is not free. The parking
lot closest to the hotel will run $7 for the duration of the meeting.

Further Confusion


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