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Second-hand fursuit sold for $7000

Edited as of Mon 20 Sep 2010 - 00:14
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MixedCandy German Shepherd fursuitIf you thought $1600 for an inflatable husky was excessive, consider this pre-owned MixedCandy German Shepherd, auctioned last week for $7000. [tip: sardognsca/fursuitlounge]

The suit was the subject of a five-way bidding war throughout Saturday before the winner swept in with their last-minute bid.

MixedCandy is well-known for expensive wolves and canines, but this price is more commonly associated with a new custom suit — or rather, two of them.


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For 7,000 I could have gotten many horses.

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for 7,000 I could have had an army of 300 >:O

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Your 300 soldiers are no match for me.

(No I am not really him, I'm just making a chuck norris joke)

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Tonight...we dine... on Ramen...

because I spent the rest of my money on this fursuit :(

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*Crowd goes 'aww' in disappointment*

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Where are people getting this money?!?!

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You may be surprised to know this, but there are many furs out there who are VERY successful.

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Exactly, I'm always surprised looking over some of the con auction sales and hearing the bidder is a Chief Executive or similar. Makes me imagine a large mansion crammed to the roof with furry art...

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Fox's aren't crazy, they're eccentric.

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At least, rich foxes. Rich people can get away with a lot.

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I hope this doesn't lead to a fursuit bubble.

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I just want to know if you can invest in fursuit futures on FurBid yet!

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I hope whoever bought this will be very happy with it!

MixedCandy fursuits are the Bentley's and Aston Martin's of the fursuit world...

He's a beautie! Worth every penny IMO!

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That is way too much I make enough to afford but there is no way I would spend 7 grand on a fursuit I paid $1100 for mine from OMG Pineapples about 2yrs ago and they did a fantastic job I am completely satisfied.

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