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Skins, not just a bad show on E4

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Comic #629 of xkcd, by Randall Munroe, documenting the rise of the "skin" community within the furry fandom (CC-BY-NC)

The furry fandom yesterday made it's fourth appearance in webcomic xkcd, made by ex-NASA contractor Randall Munroe, it is a veritable mix of geekish humour – so obviously, furries would appear often.

What we didn't know, however, was that strange sect of furries who have animal fursonae which then pretend to be human, or the "Skin" community, as it's so called.

The comic's alt text (a device for adding author commentary to a strip) reads: "There's Livejournal drama between those who want to wear human suits over fursuits and those who just take off the fursuits.


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I really hope the fandom doesn't become a regular part in the comic, because this can only go badly.

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I doubt it would go too far badly. It IS a geek comic, right? Some geek writers at least try to do research stuff instead of a cheep quick-google.

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that sounds kinda wierd...whatever floats your boat and rocks your waves though i say. - The Redwall Animated Series - "Balto" Animated Movie - "Princess Mononoke"

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