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It's very rare that I end up getting more than annoyed at something; even moreso when it gets to a point where I feel an intervention is needed. But last month just that happened.

I set the scene; it's November in the north of England, it's quite cold and is raining as it usually is. However the ecstasy that the day's furmeet brings is enough to alleviate such a low. It's the Manchester furmeet, the twice-yearly event when I get to meet the equivalent to a small convention of furs without having to spend a penny!

I meet old faces and meet anew. We laugh, snuggle and generally have a good time. Fursuits are brought out and the fursuiting events go on. The artists converge into "artists corner", show off their sketches and draw new ones. All the same to the average meet! A fairly perfect day in furrydom.

Then you see, and you learn.

Sure, some may say that furrydom is about free love, free expression and freedom of oneself - but that's just wrong.

Sorry, but the practising of the more unusual sexual fetishes, in a public place, is unacceptable to anyone with an ounce of common sense and public decency. It's exemplified even more when - after being told to stop - they go on a whole grope-fest in the corner of the bar. Worse still, both these people are already in relationships with other people!

Both these are not only against the rules, but against decency, even if they were in a gay bar. If the rules were being stuck to by the book then by the time they got to the groping then they'd have been thrown out altogether. It took the interference of venue staff and more than a few meet organisers to get them down to a near acceptable level.

Even after the consequences had been dealt, from public naming and shaming down to being reported for his various offences (severe in themselves), what does the offending party have to say? "I regret nothing. He had a nice penis."

You really have to think maybe this guy's entire brain is there...

I'm actually surprised this person hasn't been banned yet, although judging from the feedback it seems that many want him to be; however he still wanders the meets, acting like the self-admitted pervert he is.

If he ever comes to read this then he's probably not going to like me. But he needs to get this message into his head - you're only going to make things worse for yourself. Stop while you're ahead.

That is all.


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