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South Afrifur 2010 report

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South Afrifur reportAlthough South Africa has a small number of furs, with just under 200 registered users on the ZAfur forum, it does hold an annual, national furmeet, South Afrifur. As there are so few furs in South Africa the meet is intended to gather as many as possible together, once a year, to get to know one another.

The first South Afrifur meet was held in Cape Town and was organised primarily by Dracius. In 2009 the meet was intended for Johannesburg but was cancelled by the organisers.

The 2010 meet, organised by Nanukk, Electrocat and Cat147, was held in Port Elizabeth from 7–15 January 2011. The meet was hosted by Nanukk and attended by about 14 furs from around South Africa, though that varied from day-to-day.

The meet was very relaxed and consisted of about an equal amount of time getting to know each other around the house and going out to see various sites in the city. Some of the main events that had been organised were going to a Karaoke bar, visiting a lion park (cut short when one of the cars got a flat tire) and a visit to a museum (with a behind-the-scenes tour), snake park and aquarium.

The highlight of the meet was when three furs dressed up in fursuits made by Electrocat and spent the evening at a local shopping centre. The suits created a lot of attention, and some questions from curious onlookers, when walking around but had the biggest effect on the children. Half of the children found the suits fascinating while the other half were terrified, freezing in place or bursting into tears at the sight of them. The day was then finished off by playing putt-putt in the fursuits, a game which Nanukk won.

Overall the meet was very successful and I would like to thank all those involved in organising, preparing the food and driving guests around the city. South Afrifur 2011 is tentatively scheduled for December in Cape Town, however no one has yet taken over organising the meet.


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They need to outsource their pun makers I mean "Afrifur"?

How about A-fur-ica... it's right there... the fur sound is there you just need to change the letters.

Amurrican furry puns are still #1 baby, lol.

But it's cool to know that there are those in nations getting together to have a bit of fun enjoying the things they like to do.

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We called the 2008 meet South Furrica but it was asked whether we should cycle names or keep a single name and what it should be when we planned the 2009 meet. I actually proposed South Afurica (because it showed the meet's location better) but another suggestion was South Afrifur. We then voted on the names but no one liked South Afurica and South Afrifur received the most votes (and it certainly sounds better than South Furrica and is easier to say than Afurica).

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Maybe it's the dialect but to me Afurica rolls off the tounge easier then Afrifur.

The positive to the later to me is Africa and afurica almost sound identical so people hearing it might get confused.

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