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Wild coyotes 'patrol' Chicago streets

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According to a recent story on NPR, a large number of coyotes roam the streets and parks of Chicago. The 60 mentioned in the article are those monitored via tracking collars; there are many more uncollared ones. The tracking is part of research by The Cook County, Illinois, Coyote Project.

The first coyote in the project, caught in 2000, was given the name "Big Mama". She passed away in April 2010, but not before producing several litters of pups, some of whom are now being tracked. The coyotes make their presence worthwhile by keeping the rodent populations under control in the areas they patrol. They are most active at night, and tend to spend most of their time in less developed areas such as city parks.

The coyotes usually avoid humans, but there is the rare exception such as the coyote who walked into a Quizno's sandwich shop in 2007. While attacks on pets are occasionally a problem, there have been no instances of the Chicago coyotes attacking humans.


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I'm surprised that this has been allowed in today's litigious society. Let's hope they can manage to keep out of harm's way.

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Some news video of the 2007 Quizno's coyote...

Look like it was hot and tired and wanted somewhere cool to doze for a while.

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That officer sounds like Jibba.

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That's pretty cool. Glad they could take it alive and hopefully relocate it back into the wild.

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Awwwww <3

Some people are saying we have coyotes where I live, too. LOL
It'd be kinda cool to see one, Imma big sucker for canines :P

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As long as it's one and not a pack. They'll mess you up. My uncle was coming back from the barn when his dog started to get defense and bark at one, it was trying to lure it over and chase it into others that were hiding near by in order to get a free meal.

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