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CreaVures: Indie platformer with an anthropomorphic twist

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Bioluminsecent anthropomorphic critters must work together to save their forest homeland in CreaVures, released this Wednesday by Muse Games. [tip: HappyWulf/reddit]

Players must uses the creatures at their disposal alone or in tandem to overcome obstacles and collect essence, restoring light to their world.

The puzzle-platformer includes fifteen levels, two boss battles, and five playable characters:

  • Bitey, who can grab onto with his jaw and allows others to swing with his tail
  • Pokey, whose spines discourage enemies and allow the player to reach high areas
  • Glidey, who can fly short distances with a passenger
  • Rolly, who can demolish obstacles when rolled up in her shell
  • Zappy, whose spark can both illuminate and scare enemies

Muse raised $5334 on Kickstarter, offering posters, signed editions, mentions in the credits and even 3D models for increasing levels of contribution.

The game is available for PC and Mac on Steam for $8.99, has been submitted to the Mac App Store, and is intended to be out for iOS later in the year.

See more: Character animations and wallpapers on the CreaVures blog.


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I am not sure how to feel about 2D platformers.

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The animation isn't doing much to bring their characters to life, they look stiff like cutouts. Hopefully they can smooth those out for the final product.

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Agreed, but it is a pretty nice looking concept.

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If it is going to be like Fury of the Furries it will be a fun game to play.

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Well, that was quick: some neat art of Bitey by PurpleKecleon

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