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Abandoned cats and dogs roam Fukishima

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Judging by compensation payouts, almost 50,000 households were affected by evacuations from the vicinity of the Fukushima I nuclear power plant – not counting those who died in the tsunami. Many kept pets, and were forced to leave them behind when the call to leave came.

The animals are now trying to survive on what they were left or can scavenge from the area. Reports of a breeder's pack of shelties in Minamis?ma led to a rescue mission, but many fled.

Local cats are also affected. While some have been fed and rescued, others found their own food (note: graphic imagery). [ 1, 2]


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Whoa... That's quite freaky. Never seen pictures of half-eaten cats before.

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Comment made by Japanese from the article,
“Dogs never resort to cannibalism no matter how starved. They never eat humans either. Maybe a stray will eat a human corpse, but in general they never eat other dogs.”

This is incorrect, though you can't expect people who live in an urban environment to understand anything regarding nature outside of their concrete forest.

Dogs will eat other dogs, dogs will eat people. There was an incident a year or so ago where people abandoned their 50~lb dogs. Well those dogs escaped and ate a couple of elderly people walking by the road. The only thing left was giblets of the two people.

Cannibalism among wolves is not uncommon.

So yeah, if hungry enough any animal(which includes humans) can be cannibals.

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To think of it, WE will eat each other, if the opportunity arises...

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i think if you were starving to death, ANYTHING you can kill is food. including your own pack mates.

every living being on this planet is a cannibal, including herbivores. its just the choice of either starving to death or knowing that theres nutrition standing there right next to you that you can eat!

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I heard that the first time they enabled AI in a test build of Black and White (no, not that one), the creatures started trying to eat their own bodies as they were the closest source of food.

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