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A furry "rare" book?

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Best in lists the price for a used copy of out-of-print short-story anthology "Best in Show: Fifteen Years of Outstanding Furry Fiction" as $348.33 – plus $3.99 shipping.

"Best in Show" won two Ursa Major awards for 2003, for Best Anthropomorphic Other Literary Work and Best Anthropomorphic Published Illustration.

Ed: The anthology was reprinted without interior illustrations as "Furry!: The World's Best Anthropomorphic Fiction", currently available for a far more reasonable $6.09.


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[comment removed on request]

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I would like to know what are those stories like.

I read His Dark Materials, Crime and Punishment, Master and Margarita, Angels and Demons and Harry Potter 1-7 (among many other things), so I expect high quality writing.

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I paid almost twice the current asking price for Furry! and I believe I got my money's worth. Take that as you will.

WikiFur links a couple of reviews and lists the stories and their authors.

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And they say everyone online is "antisocial"... Sometimes a link or two can be of great help; and helping is a purely social trait.

In short, thanks!

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This. It was a great read, completely worth the price. Unfortunately i dont approve of ibooks printing technology, as the binding didnt even last as long as it took me to read through all the stories...

However... never judge a book by its binding right?

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The worst thing (aside from the price of the original) is the fact that there are no illustration in the new edition.

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