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Are snow leopards more populous than tigers?

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A photoarticle in says there are an estimated 4,500 to 7,500 wild snow leopards left in the Central Asian mountains. This is more than the number of tigers left in the wild, which is estimated to be only about 3,200.

See also: BBC tracks down tigers in the Himalayas - Chinese wineries farm tigers for bones


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Compare this with 6,000,000,000+ humans roaming the planet.


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Some 20 years ago, author/anthropologist Elizabeth Marshall Thomas noted that comparing the human population in Asia to the tiger population in Asia, there were something like a quarter of a million people for every tiger. She goes on to say that with numbers like that, no matter how much you do to educate people about the ineffectiveness of folk remedies involving their body parts, or try to decrease the demand for their fur, it's virtually impossible to curtail the demand to a sufficient degree to make it unprofitable for hunters and poachers.

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