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The return of the revenge of ANTHRO!

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After a thoroughly unscheduled hiatus of one year plus change, Anthro has returned to the internet. Zine-editor Quentin 'Cubist' Long promises that Anthro will continue to present "the good stuff", and that he has no intention of messing with a "successful, respected formula".

The new issue, #31, includes the next installments of serials New Coyote, by Michael Bergey, and The Blind Pig story The John Moschitta School of Elocution, by Long. As well, it also contains Bill ‘Hafoc’ Rogers’ thoughtful/reflective tale Hoarfrost and Night, and Corvus & ShadowWolf’s The Favor of Doom, the latest episode in the continuing misadventures of Reaper & Strider, the Bastard Assassins From Hell.

Fans of Laura L. Hill's poetry will enjoy her latest sestina, A Mother’s Cycle. In addition, Anthro #31 contains the customary complement of comics, namely Joe England’s Zebra Girl and John Prengaman Jr’s Sandusky; columns by Phil Geusz (a few words on RainFurrest), Keith Morrison (a few words on sensible tactics/logistics), and Wanderer Werewolf (a few words on historical cuisine); and an editorial that touches on rebirth but is mostly about physical cycles in general.


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Good to see it back! Not mentioned, but the first thing I noticed - dronon's review of Bitter Lake. It sounds like it was a fairly well-produced effort that needed a little more fortitude in the cutting room.

Phil is talking about RainFurrest 2010; hopefully what he had to say applied to this year's edition as well.

(Any chance of a comment facility on Anthro? Even a plugin like Disqus would permit some feedback.)

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FINALLY! Welcome back, Anthro!

Fred Patten

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Good on ya, mate! I used to read Anthro every month.

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I wish the successful formula could be messed with enough to get rid of the frames on the website. At any rate, good to see the zine back at last.

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