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ANTHRO continues to live!

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On the last day of 2011, the latest issue of ANTHRO — #32 — is uploaded and ready for your browsing pleasure! In honor of the season, this issue's cover image is a tastefully-colorized version of Lucius Appaloosius' classic ANTHRO CLAUS. And what (you may well ask) can be found behind that jolly old reindeer's portrait? Find out 'below the fold'!


Phil Geusz' BATTLE OF THE BEE TREE, a tale of friction between two cultures that were recently waging brutal war on each other.
The 7th and final installment of NEW COYOTE, Michael Bergey's delightfully warped Native-American-beliefs-versus-Western science novel.
The completion of editor Quentin Long's THE JOHN MOSCHITTA SCHOOL OF ELOCUTION, an extended look at the fastest, and most disgruntled, cheetah-morph in the TBP shared-world setting.


FIVE HAIKU, by Cubist: An entire alternative timeline in 85 syllables...


THE FURRY NOVEL THAT NOBODY HAS READ, by Fred Patten, a discussion of a furry novel that was published in the occupied Netherlands during WWII.


Reviewer-in-residence Dronon returns with commentary on ROAR Vol. 3. In addition, Xodiac examines KITTY GOES TO WAR (8th in the Kitty Norville series) and MONSTER HUNTER ALPHA (3rd in the Monster Hunter series)... and ANTHRO's first reviewer, Fred Patten, returns to his old haunts, with reviews of MR. LIMPET (the novel from which a certain Don Knotts movie was adapted), THE ALIEN DARK (a furry novel whose 'first draft' was literally a song), and FELIDAE (murder mystery with an all-cat cast)!


As per our usual custom, we've got John Prengaman Jr.'s SANDUSKY, and Joe England's ZEBRA GIRL.


REALITY SOUNDBITES, by Keith Morrison: An examination of how military tactics can, and necessarily will, be affected by anatomy and physiology.
DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE, by Phil Geusz: Getting to the heart and soul of the heart and soul, i.e. the brain.


FROM THE EDITOR'S MAW, by Quentin Long: Who or what is the 'intended' audience for anthropomorphic material?

See you all next time!


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So, what IS New Coyote about??

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Native American beliefs set against western science?

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Without dropping any spoilers for the plot: Start with the existing historical record... then add the premise that Coyote and Raven and all the rest of the spirits of Native American myths really do exist. Why didn't the spirits' magic work to stop the European invaders from running roughshod over the humans they've been guarding & working with? And what will the spirits do about it? Major cultural clash here, hence 'versus'...

Anthro: It's furry. It's the good stuff.Anthro Press: Great stuff from Anthro in a virus-free format!Zazzle

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It's about a way to say "coyote" with FOUR syllables.

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I liked both "New Coyote" and "Coyote Season" a lot! Here are my reviews of them.

Fred Patten

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