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From The Further Confusion folk comes this announcement: " As the days grow shorter and fall grows near, it's time to make your plans for attending Further Confusion 2002. FC 2002 will be held once again at the San Mateo Marriott January 24th through 27th, 2002. Information on this year's convention can be found at While you're there, be sure to check out the first edition of our pre-convention newsletter!"

Our theme this year is FCU--Further Confusion University, and we're
planning a number of events around this college theme, among them our
Thursday Night Homecoming Dance! Be sure to check out the Events section
of our website for the latest update on this and all our other events.

FC2002 is pleased to announce that, in our continuing efforts to bring
in guests who have not appeared at other Anthropomorphic conventions,
our writer Guest of Honor is David Brin. Mr. Brin is the award-winning
author of such noteworthy books as Earth, The Postman, and the six
Uplift Series novels. More information on Mr. Brin can be found on our
web site.

Through the end of September, a full membership for the entire
convention is still available for the low price of US$30. Starting
October 1st, however, our registration fee goes up to US$35, so be sure
to register now to save money! See our Registration information at for information on how to
register. ONLINE REGISTRATION: If you wish to register online by credit
card, you can go directly to to do so.

We will be featuring two Dealers' Rooms this year. A list of confirmed
dealers is available at
This list will be updated constantly throughout the year. NOTE: Both
Dealers' Rooms are SOLD OUT. You may request to be placed on the waiting
list by contacting

Last, but by no means least, if you have not yet reserved your hotel
room, this is an excellant time to do so. As of this writing, we still
have rooms available for every night of the convention. This includes
Thursday night, which is always the first night to sell-out. For
information on room rates and reservation information, go to Don't forget to reserve as
soon as possible--we sell out our room block at the hotel every
year--don't be left out of the fun!!!

We look forward to seeing you all in January!!

-The Dean of Further Confusion University


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