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'Bear Cavalry' disrupts weather report

Edited as of Fri 4 Aug 2017 - 20:18
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WNEP-TV 2008 logoIt appears that someone had unleashed the 'Bear Cavalry' upon an unsuspecting television station in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

WNEP-TV (ABC 16), like many stations across Canada and the United States, has an outdoor "weather patio"; for doing outdoor weather reports during good weather, and WNEP-TV calls theirs "the backyard".

While any station welcomes new viewers, WNEP-TV was probably not expecting four black bears (a mother and her three cubs) walking in to their weather patio and exploring during the 11 PM newscast, prompting their local weatherman (Kurt Aaron) to run back and do the reports from inside the studio.

Seemingly inspired by this invasion of wildlife, WNEP-TV even added a "cutest thing you'll see today" article, exclusively starring our fine feathered (and furred) friends.

The station could not comment if Goldilocks is a current or former employee.


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