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Pennsylvanian students seek funds for fursuiter documentary

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A small team of Pittsburgh filmmakers is raising money for a documentary about fursuiters.

The group from Point Park University intends to visit several destinations, and seeks funds for "transportation, feeding our crew, [and] going from place to place". Despite drumming up support on Facebook, they have only raised $1,735 of their $5,000 goal, with 60 hours to go.

According to a short piece on the Steel Cinema film blog:

... will focus on the unusual hobby by following a diverse group of several fursuiters in the U.S. The students hope to honestly examine this colorful sub-culture by taking a humanistic approach and getting to know the people inside the costumes.

The project is directed by Dominic Rodriguez and produced by Olivia Vaughn. [tip: PeterCat]


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