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Pennsylvania fur LupineFox found not guilty of child rape

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Kenneth Fenske / LupineFox Kenneth C. Fenske, better known in furry circles as LupineFox, has been found not guilty by a jury in a Bucks County court of sexual abuse charges which were widely reported in local media, and linked to the arrest of seven other suspects during 2016 and 2017.

The four day trial concluded after two hours of jury deliberations. LupineFox proclaimed his innocence throughout; unlike David R. Parker (RebelWolf), who plead guilty last August to federal child sex trafficking of the boy concerned, and assisted the prosecution. The defence focused on undermining the 16-year-old boy's testimony, calling it "a train wreck" and claiming that the ultimate goal was a payout in civil court.

Highlighted was the boy's recollection of Fenske taking off a fox costume (with "full long sleeves and pants, a zipper in the back, paw gloves, and a fox head with pointy ears") before the alleged rape – said to have occurred when he was 8, while attending furmeets at Fenske's house dressed as "Tony the Tiger". The builder of LupineFox's fox fursuit Renoir said it was made in 2015.


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To me the big things was that the defense had to have probably presented the pictures of the fox costume designed in 2015 and asked if that was the costume in question; to which the victim said yes. If that did occur then it certainly would punch a wide hole in the prosecution's case.

For the prosecutor however, there are many fox costumes in the world as well, so just because one was used doesn't mean it was that one that was used. And that's sort of where they I think they're coming from.

In reality, the victim here was still a victim, sadly. David Parker still did harm to them, and maybe the young adult decided that taking out those David associated with was warranted, even though in reality it is possible Kenneth could have had no clue of the dark secret the people they associated with had. If that's the case the act was misguided, and it's good that those who did harm were put away while those that were just in the same social circle but not criminal were acquitted.

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I hope Joe Strike has taken note of this. The story as it first appeared in the news found its way into "Furry Nation." The book acknowledges that the media gets a good deal wrong about furries in general, so it's disappointing that just two chapters earlier, the book accepts the words of the press as gospel despite the inconsistencies between news reports regarding this story. The bizarre and destructive allegations against Lupine are permanently and irrevocably in print.

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You're absolutely right. If there was any way I could change what's in the book right now I'd do it. I'm hoping to write a sequel ("Furry Planet") where I could update this story and include the point you made. (I have enough left over from FN to fill half a new book, & enough subjects I want to write about to fill the other half.)

- Joe

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You could, for now, post an update to the Furry Nation site (which could also make note of the book's few typos).

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An excellent idea, thanx!

- Joe

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Eh some ppl take this rape thing far 2 seriously ive been raped b4 its nothing 2 imprison someone for like a entire lifetime.
Course not the entire planets criminal justice system is fucked up as shit like my dad is in jail 4 two years for failing two register his bitcoin bussiness . even though he tried 2 twice but it woulndn't stick lol.
fucking cabal man lol.
Honestly even if someone did something like that there's better approaches then just throwing them in a jail for like eternity. Besides like all jails should be at least as nice as norways if not nicer!
Norway actually has the lowest jail return rates like on ur entire planet because of that!
Pepole being mistreated typically only continue there psychological issues of i have feel like i have 2 be a dick to "quote surivive or whatever".

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I'm in the convicted side of the spectrum, spent 10 years in prison and still doing 7 1/2 more on probation. Right before my release the victim in my case told my daughter the truth, nothing happened, my daughter video taped it, but because of US sex offender laws, you can have video and 100 witnesses to the fact, but the victim must state the truth to the DA and DA allow before the charges are dropped and your removed from the registry.
So, how does this affect furries, I was a furry when our society was secret and not excepted. One of the key points the DA used in my case in 2005 was there must be some truth to my charges, because I'm a furry and hang with other furries and everyone knows furry a prone to sexaul abuse children and get into sexually deviant art. This was quoted by the DA in Lowndes Co. Georgia.
Fact is, I have many Furry friends, and none of them are pervs or would lift a finger to harm anyone. But even after many proofs of the good many furries done(even with fund raising for charity), a large part of US sociaty sees us a social group bent only on sexual plesure. And yes, we have one of the highest incarceration of citizens in the world (per capita) over dictatorships and other socialist regimes.
Thanks for your time.
Usagi Yama
Mountain Rabbit

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Honestly it's better that you own up to being a pedophile. Nine times out of ten sex offenders misrepresent their own case in order to gain some kind of sympathy. Believe me, when you admit to yourself the truth you will feel better in the long run.

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It's only a matter of time before Laurence Parry's sex crimes are brought to light.

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