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Pennsylvanian fur's body found buried in boyfriend's yard

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Donna See
Donna's character, Sasha Tigress, a Siberian tiger

The body of what is believed to be Pennsylvanian furry fan Donna See, also known as Sasha Tigress, has been found behind the house of her boyfriend, who she met last October on dating website PlentyOfFish.

Donna of McKeesport, 60, an driver for the elderly, had not been seen since August 14. Her journal shows attendance at Anthrocon and FA: United; according to a fellow fan, she had attended meets since 2005.

George Biegenwald of Shayler, 57, has been charged with criminal homicide, abuse of a corpse, and evidence tampering. He said that he and Donna quarreled about her wish to move in, had been drinking, and got into a fight at his house, in which she hit her head on a dresser after he "flipped her off his back".

Friend and co-worker Margie Byers, who led a campaign to find Donna, doubts George's version of events, calling Donna "one of the most timid people I've ever met", and saying she'd noticed bruises on Donna in the weeks running up to the incident.

George initially said Donna had left on Friday 14th, returned on Saturday night, and left on Sunday night. Police noted that "a large amount of blood" had been found in his bedroom, and eventually he admitted that Donna started to bleed after the impact, claiming that he tried to stop the bleeding and revive her before placing her in his bathtub, where she died. He said that he moved Donna's body to her car, then to a basement refrigerator, before burying her in his backyard and abandoning her car in Homewood.

A medical examination showed "massive trauma to the front, back and left side" of the victim's head. The accused had a history of assaulting women, and was arrested for aggravated assault last Tuesday, after another woman was taken away from his house in an ambulance the day before.

Readers who knew Donna are encouraged to share their memories below.
Friends may wish to attend the FoxFarm gathering on September 17 or the candlelit vigil on September 19.


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Thanks so much for writing this up, GreenReaper.

Sasha was very grateful of the community here ever since she first showed up at a meet - which might have been at a Lakota Wolf Preserve meetup in 2005 if I remember, or around then. I believe she found the fandom through her son, but quickly became a regular part of the community independent of that.

It was thanks to her at those early fur meets, in a funny way, that I first got a job that kickstarted my career, after borrowing her laptop and impressing my unknowingly-future-employer with what I could do using an esoteric programming language.

When I worked in Quakertown she was there often, providing good company & conversation during breaks. She occasionally gave little gifts like one of the heart shaped rocks she liked to collect, and also a jade plant after I moved into my first apartment (because it's harder to kill than other plants). The plant is still alive and kicking after so many years.

She was a really sweet person who will be greatly missed by a lot of us from Eastern PA.

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Oh wow, that's terrible. I never met this woman, but it's a shame that we lost an artist who is very kind to the furry community. May she rest in peace.

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No words... really sad.

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I am stunned and speechless. I can't believe she is gone. I've known her since about the time she joined the fandom, and she's always been there for me. We never met in person, but talked online. I remember once, I visited the San Diego Zoo and called her while I was there; she seemed genuinely thrilled to listen to me describe the animals I was watching. She was always sweet to me, and would listen to me vent about the problems going on in my life, and seemed to genuinely care. She was always very proud of the good work that came out of the furry conventions that happened in Pittsburgh, very proud of how much charity money that the events would raise.

Misty, I'll miss you. I'm so sorry I didn't wish you a happy birthday this year, and I should have taken that trip to Pittsburgh to get Primanti Brothers with you. Rest in peace.

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I am both shocked and stunned! I will miss Sasha in so many ways! When I first started attending the Hellertown meets and then the meets in Quakertown, Sasha was always one of the people I looked forward to seeing the most. We had so many good conversations both at the meets and online. She was always supportive, always had a kind word, she was always nurturing. The fandom has lost one of its greatest lights, my heart and soul has lost a beloved, dear friend.

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Wow :(

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Still sickened... I just hope this kind of tragedy can stay in perspective. It's inevitable that the worst fringes of behavior can happen in any community of tens of thousands or more. I almost want to link the Starblade and Night Horse murder stories but won't, and I'm glad I can't think of others.

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For the record, there are also MetalHead and Rrroofus, victims of a drive-by shooting in 1996.

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Put fandom memorial on the list with fandom walk of fame, for stuff to make some day.

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A sad time for sure.

Dark Bunny Sauces -

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Sasha's friend and coworker is planning a candlelight vigil for her on September 19 with more details to follow.

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Thanks! The post is only be available to Sasha's friends. This may be intentional, just thought I'd mention it in case it isn't.

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Sorry, hadn't realized that. Thanks.

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LupineFox is also organizing a gathering in Quakertown, PA, Thursday September 17 in remembrance of Sasha. Information and signups via the link above.

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wow. I live in a small town near there. I never heard about this on the news!

so sad!

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Update from March 30, 2016: George Biegenwald pleaded no contest and has been sentenced to 20-40 years.

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