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Voting closed for 2011 Ursa Major Awards

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Ursa Major Awards, by Heather BrutonThe ALAA has announced that the voting for the 2011 Ursa Major Awards has now closed. There were 1,782 votes cast, up from 1,372 last year.

The results will be announced at an awards presentation at 4PM on June 2 at CaliFur VIII in Irvine, CA.


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510, huh.

I'm not taking credit, but one goal of the movie column was a larger voting, so, uh, hoping I helped.

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Have numbers ever been released, or will they be released, for how many nominations were received? I'd be curious to know how many nominations were made (and how many individuals did that nominating) in each specific category, but I've never seen any mention made of those numbers, only of the overall number of votes cast on the final ballot.

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It has never been the ALAA's policy to release the full figures on the voting, only the number of people who voted. However we are debating changing this policy, and may be releasing the full statistics after the winners of the Awards are announced. More news when it happens.

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