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Further Confusion makes CBS 'Eye on the Bay'

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Emmy Award-winning CBS Eye on the Bay correspondent Dave Stoelk came to San Jose in 2011 to do a story on "Other Conventions" in the Bay. Further Confusion topped their list.

We had a great time putting together the piece during the convention. Finally, 16 months later on May 2, the results. The piece followed the show's format, highlighting the fun and wacky side of our con with primary focus on the most obvious visual aspect, fursuits.

While I would have hoped for a bit more information as to why we exist and what we have done for the community, the segment portrays FurCon in a fun and positive light.

CBS News (different from Eye on the Bay) came to FurCon in 2010 and did a wonderful job in providing much of our mission critical information to the public.

Cheers and Chirrs! — Chairo (FurCon / AAE Director of Media and Public Relations)


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Given how the media often seemed to portray the fandom in the past, I think mostly focusing on the fursuiters is a major improvement.

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Don't they usually focus on the fursuiters?

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These days they tend to. There didn't used to be that many fursuiters around at conventions.

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