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Melange starts its 'first ongoing fully-anthro series' with 'Unimaginable Road'

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The Unimaginable RoadOn May 27, Melange Books published The Unimaginable Road; the first book in Eddie Drueding's "Arraborough" series, revolving around the mysterious going's-on in a small town on a strange planet inhabited by anthropomorphic animals.

As Flayrah reported, Melange is the first non-furry publisher to create a separate listing for furry/anthropomorphic work. Eddie was one of those who requested that it be added, as he felt that no existing category fit his work. He is the third author to be published in it, after furry regular Phil Geusz and fellow newcomer A.C. Withey.

More about the series can be found on its Facebook page, and the book's entry on Melange's website. The author can be reached through Facebook, or at


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It's good to see a company like Melange accepting anthro material. Unfortunately, their submissions page currently states they aren't accepting Science Fiction material at this time, so I imagine that puts a damper on anthro submissions for their new line. I have the site bookmarked and will check it periodically. If they reopen Sci Fi submissions in the near future, I may have something to float their way.

Author: "Sunset of Furmankind", "Blue Horizon", "Hoenix" and "Treasure Hunt".

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I saw that too, but didn't make a connection between SF and furry. I wouldn't assume they've closed the door on Furry. On the contrary, they seem very receptive to helping bring it to the mainstream. As for why they're no longer accepting SF, it's a good question. Perhaps because SF doesn't seem to be popular these days.

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Either that, or they just have too much right now. Or, actually, probably both "too much" and "not popular" at the same time.

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I will definitely keep an eye on these folks.

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