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2012 Recommended Anthropomorphics Reading List: September update

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Ursa Major AwardsThe Anthropomorphic Literature and Arts Association, which administers the annual Ursa Major Awards, has updated the 2012 Anthropomorphic Reading List to include the titles recommended by furry fans through the end of August. This list is often used by fans to nominate in the next year's Awards.

All fans are invited to recommend worthwhile anthropomorphic works in eleven categories (motion pictures, dramatic short films or broadcasts, novels, short fiction, other literary works, graphic stories, comic strips, magazines, published illustrations, websites, and games) first published during 2012, if they are not already on the list.

Send in your recommendations and read the List to see what other fans have recommended. Have you read all twenty-one comic strips, for example? What have you been missing?

Nominations for the 2012 Ursa Major Awards, in the same eleven categories, will open on 17 January (the first day of Further Confusion 2013) and will be accepted until 28 February. Don’t miss this opportunity to nominate the titles that you felt have been the best anthropomorphic movies, novels, comic strips and books, websites’ games, etc. of 2012 for the Awards. And don’t forget to vote when the polls open on 15 March.

There has been some controversy over the winners of the past three years, especially when motion picture Avatar won over Fantastic Mr. Fox. Remember, the Ursa Major Awards are a POPULAR VOTE award, controlled by what the fans nominate and vote for! If you don’t like what has won in the past, don’t hesitate to nominate and vote yourself this year.


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I feel partially responsible for that last paragraph, but maybe that's just my ego talking; I'm assuming the year before last's "contreversy" was How To Train Your Dragon winning despite not being very anthropomorphic at all (I still voted for it). Last year's contreversy was a bit harder to figure; I was thinking it was Kung Fu Panda 2 over Rango (I'm not even made about that) or maybe even Bitter Lake placing dead last, but then I thought outside my category and remembered, oh, yeah, some of the bronies were kinda assholes about the "we're not furries" thing, weren't they?

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Other than bronies, perhaps the fact that Blotch won and also drew the anthology cover?

We had enough comments in there, I'm sure something must have been controversial. :-)

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Well, that would explain the all caps POPULAR VOTE thing.

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