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Disney Animation to Close down

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This isn't to say there will be no more movies, HOWEVER, I have 3 different friends in the feature animation department who have all confirmed that after the two features currently in production are finished, there will be no more classic hand drawn animation. It will instead all be computer generated stuff like BUGS LIFE or TOY STORY.

Personally, I think this is because some "suit" saw the commerical success of SHREK and decided that it succeeded because it was computer animated and not because it was actually GOOD.

The last two conventionally animated movies sound dull as well - so if you were looking for Disney to ever do another 'Lion King" - it ain't gonna happen.

I'll try ad get more details this weekend - but I consider this information to be fairly reliable.

Can anyone confirm/deny this report? It sounds like hearsay, at the moment...


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Disney has committed suicide by continuing to have a corporate culture that cranks out crap and crushes the spirit, and creativity of its artists.

It is sad they are so clueless.

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Err... I have a friend who works at the animation department at Disney and he says there are at least four traditionally animated productions right now. He hasn't heard anything about a shut-down at all.

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As someone at the Studio in Burbank and at least a little bit 'in the know' (I work for a few execs), all I can confirm is that there's a *review* of traditional animation vs. digital in progress - so no shutdown is planned, BUT we may see a change in the ratio, in the number of traditonal animation films and so on.

Traditional animation has always been on Roy Disney and Michael Eisner's list of 'great traditons at here at Disney' so as long as their working here, we're going to keep seeing cell animation films. And an upcoming film, 'Sweating Bullets', at least is furry....

Gods help us when the executive jackasses that work for them take over, though. :P

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If this is true...
Walt Disney will roll in his fucking grave.

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I'm bumping around the archives and this bit is cracking me up:

so if you were looking for Disney to ever do another 'Lion King" - it ain't gonna happen.

Careful what you wish for.

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