Tai-Pan special edition premieres at ConiFur

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The Tai-Pan Literary & Arts Project is pleased to announce the release of our fourth special edition, Tai-Pan: Bootleg.

Bootleg is 50 pages long, contains two complete stories, over a dozen ringtail pin-ups, and artwork by ten different artists. For more details, plus information about our party and reading at ConiFur, click "Read more..."

The front cover is by Terrie Smith, the back cover by Tom Milliorn. Bootleg may be purchased directly from the publisher at ConiFur this weekend. Bootleg will be available from Rabbit Valley Comic Shop very soon, and should be available from DZ Illustrations at Midwest FurFest. For more details, including ordering info and a sneak peek of the cover, check out:


Tai-Pan will also be hosting our traditional party at ConiFur on Firday night. Stop in and sample from our vast selection of chocolate covered espresso beans (and other candy). Try your luck at a game we're calling "Pin the Tail on Chester."

And don't miss our reading Saturday night. This year the "Tai-Pan players" will be presenting a radio play adaption of a recently printed stories. Additionally, Tai-Pan contributors Chuck Melville, Mark Alan Davis, and Gene Breshears will be reading selections from previously published and upcoming stories.

We hope to see you at ConiFur!


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