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Furbuy to cease operations ........ again

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I'm not sure if anyone saying they are going out of business or leaving the fandom is news, as 90% of the time it is a very temporary situation, with the person or business returning after "a flood of support" - but I just got a message from FurBuy saying that they are going out of business effective December 1, with the domain name and auction software up for sale.

No, I don't know if they really mean it this time, that's just the email they sent out.


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Kinda like carpet stores and oak furniture shops- always advertising they are going out of business- and have been doing so for years. I remember one waterbed shop locally that had both their Grand Opening and "Going Out of Business" banners on their store front at the same time. Of course it took years for it to actually happen.

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I do not suppose this e-mail cited reasons for the shutdown this time?

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I'm guess it's because he had a hangnail.

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I asked Jurann Foxtail about the closure of FurBuy. Yes, it is closing, due to the costs of running it. FuroticaMUCK is also closing, due to lack of time for running it. FurBuy is available for new ownership and he has already had a few parties express interest.

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Very classy. ;)

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God, I'm -praying- that this idot keeps his crappy site down this time. It's probably just yet another way for him to get some publicity so that he can whine and cry about how unfair everyone is for not dropping down on their knees and begging him to come back. Another chance for him to brag about how great his code is, and point out that he spent all that money on his two servers out of the goodness of his own little heart, just to serve all those mean people who just won't tell him that he's the greatest guy in the world, and make him a big name in the fandom. Simple fact: Jurann keeps failing because he's an asshole, and he's not doing this out of love for the fandom, but rather because he despises the admins at FurBid, and wants to prove to the world how much better he is than they are. If you've ever met him, you already know that he's a socially retarded crybaby. I'm not even going to go into his attitude towards women, except to say that I am a RL female who made the mistake of being friendly towards him online, only to be subjected to his utterly disgusting attempts to arrange a meeting in the real world. Do I hold a grudge about this? Hell yes I do. But my statments about his site and the way he's conducted himself in regard to that site would be exactly the same either way. On a final note, Jurann, if you want to run a successful auction site in the future, do it for the love of the fandom, not for the love of yourself. This is why FurBid succeeded, and you just made yourself more of a failure.

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Furries are always threatening to leave the fandom or shut down their sites or some such thing. It's how they get attention. (This is part of the reason you should never host anything you care about on a furry-run server -- it'll only be up until they either get offended by someone, or decide the level of adulation they're getting is insufficient. I'm sure many people still remember when's owner decided to take her ball and go home.)

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