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Announcement: 'Foodfight!' is a direct-to-DVD release

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Animation Scoop’s Greg Ehrbar reports that Foodfight!, the coming-soon CGI theatrical feature announced ever since 2004, has finally come out – as a direct-to-DVD release, on May 7.

This is definitely one for Crossaffliction’s proposed MST3K for bad anthropomorphic movies. Ehrbar reviews Foodfight! as, “It is truly one of the worst animated films ever made.” That is evident from the 1’44” trailer alone, which is included in the AS review.

Foodfight! is described as the supermarket equivalent of Toy Story. Charlie Sheen voices the hero, Dax, who looks like a cross between Indiana Jones as a bloodhound and McGruff the trenchcoated “take a bite out of crime” mascot; and Hilary Duff is a catgirl. The movie features fictional brand mascots leading a supporting cast of licensed genuine mascots like Charlie the Tuna, the California Raisins, Cap'n Crunch, and the Energizer Bunny. The CGI animation is so horrible that it hardly needs more to be judged as one of the worst animated features ever made. But it is undoubtedly filled with badly-rendered anthropomorphic food and kitchen product mascots brought to life.

Watch the trailer and you will learn all that you want to about Foodfight!.


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Ok... this movie has a high budget, which gives it no excuse. Watch the trailer if you want to see animation similar in quality to that of The Sims 2, and strange, slightly jolty, unrealistic characters. It will make an excellent horror film - not that it was supposed to be one.

Scary stuff. I vote it for the Ursa Minor awards, perhaps...

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No kid is going to get that "Sorry Charlie" joke (heck even I should be too young for it). It was the only thing that was cleaver, and it was certainly forced.

It's good that Charlie Sheen's found some work though. It'll be a good movie to watch with drugs he gets with the income.

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The Cartoon Brew's Amid Amidi reports on "Why 'Foodfight!' Cost $45 Million and was Still Unwatchable".

Fred Patten

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