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Advertising: Mascots matter for brands big and small

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Chappell Ellison reports for the Cartoon Brew on a regional Canadian airline's use of a jetsetting raccoon businessman mascot, Mr. Porter.

More importantly, Ellison documents how this goes against the trend of airlines like American Airlines and Qantas replacing their familiar animal mascots with impersonal, stylized mascots, and why this is a big mistake in his opinion. An animated TV commercial featuring Mr. Porter is included.


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Porter advertises quite regularly in the Chicago Tribune. The ads are always very well done, artistically.

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Another reason to like Porter Airlines is that it is currently offering a 15% discount on tickets to the Ottawa International Animation Festival in September. I wonder if it would be interested in offering a similar discount to any Furry conventions in Canada?

Fred Patten

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Furnal Equinox attendees got discounts when flying Air Canada last year. Any convention/conference can request discounted fares from any airline, really.

Whenever you're in Toronto City Centre Airport, or on the shuttle that runs to and from downtown, you can there's plenty of artwork featuring Mr. Porter enjoying all of the airline's various destinations. Yes, even the small regional towns in Northern Ontario -- it's cute to see him hugging a gold heart in Timmins*, for example.

And what they spend on marketing they back up with their actual service, too. The departure lounges are very comfortable, and when you're in the air, you get served beer and wine for free. Who does that anymore?

Unfortunately, I haven't seen a mascot/fursuit of this fellow yet!

* Timmins being known as "The City With A Heart of Gold" for its gold mining industry

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