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Teddy takes a trip . . . to Japan?

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Always wanted to visit Japan's capital city, but don't have the funds? Now you can travel vicariously through the eyes of a beloved plushie.

Japanese travel agency Unagi Travel, a self-styled 'Japan Travel Agency for Stuffed Animals', offers a selection of holidays for cuddly critters which range from a $35 mystery tour to the top of the range, a visit to the historic city of Kyoto for $95. Plushie owners also cover the cost of packaging their pals and mailing them to their destination. (Anyone who has ever experienced a budget airline might well envy the ability to go first class by private Jiffy bag.)

Unagi Travel skyline On arrival, toys face a wait of up to ten days before joining their tour group. They then visit a number of sights in the company of other globetrotting plushies, at each of which they are photographed for the benefit of their owners. There are also regular Facebook updates so you can follow your mascot's adventures online.

According to images on Unagi Travel's website, the experiences enjoyed by stuffed holidaymakers include chilling by hot springs, gazing at cityscapes, and sleeping on futons. After a two- to three-week sojourn in Tokyo, cuddly companions are returned to their humans along with a commemorative picture, a photo CD and, presumably, a host of happy holiday memories.


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Now here's an idea that needs to die. By the way there other companies that had tried to same business in the past. (from 2010)

Both Barcelona Toy Travel and Toy traveling links are dead. Using Internet archive, Toy Traveling never got off the ground adding to my opinion this is a suckers game.
My Hello Kitties never travel without me.

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