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Feral! 2002 - August 21 to 25, 2002

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Kinark Outdoor Centre, Ontario, Canada

Get Wild!

This year will be the 5th anniversary of Feral!, and it is shaping up to be the best one yet. With the backdrop of the Canadian forest and the glory of the nighttime starscape, Feral! is in a setting that's unrivalled. If the days' events don't tire you out, the nights are sure to *WOW* you. Feral! is undoubtedly an event like no other!

As in previous years, we offer a broad range of interesting courses where you can advance your skills in drawing, writing, plushie making and costuming. For the aquatically inclined, Kinark has its own lake, with canoes, kayaks and paddle boats. On the ground, you can practice archery, do battle with foam swords or water guns, and take part in the race for survival in the predator/prey games. For those with even higher goals the climbing walls and high ropes course will get things off the ground.

For those of you who are worried that after five years we may have gotten a bit too civilized, rest assured that this year's Feral! will be shifting back toward our roots as a truly wild time. You'll never find a better setting in which to relax, or to let yourself Get Wild!

Now is the time to make your plans to attend Feral! 2002. Further information can be obtained on the web at or by e-mail at



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