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January 2014 Newsbytes archive

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Contributors this month include crossaffliction, dronon, Equivamp, Fred, GreenReaper, Higgs Raccoon, mwalimu and RingtailedFox.

Higgs Raccoon: Marvel releases a still from Guardians of the Galaxy.

GreenReaper: Walmart recalls donkey meat for containing fox meat.

dronon: Dogs are apparently aware of the direction of the Earth's magnetic field when they have to go.

Fred: The male rock hyrax's testicles grow 20 times larger in the breeding season.

Fred: Woman arrested for beating, stabbing man with a ceramic squirrel.

Fred: Why is the lovely pink fairy armadillo pink? Because of BLOOD!

GreenReaper: Japanese scientist pursues pig-based human organ factories, despite animal-rights activists and anti-hybrid laws.

Fred: Animal diplomacy.

GreenReaper: A trio of media stories, from baracudaboy: 1) Finding themselves within their fursuits. [Posted on furrymedia.]

GreenReaper: 2) Saved by fur. [Translated from the Norwegian.]

GreenReaper: 3) Getting a kick out of dressing like animals. [Also translated from Norwegian.]

Higgs Raccoon: Dr. Phil is looking for furries to appear on his show.

crossaffliction: JM, you really gotta do your research better. 30 some stories?

dronon: Midwest FurFest is moving to an early December date in 2014.

Fred: Glowing fish. 180 different kinds.

Fred: Is today's urban metropolis a safe environment for horses?

Fred: 8 months to determine a child koala's sex.

GreenReaper: To correct the "bad research" comment: JM was talking about articles published since the one in question.

crossaffliction: Apparently, Princess Luna went and got herself banished to the International Space Station this time.

crossaffliction: Guardians of the Galaxy #1 was the fourth best-selling comic book issue of 2013. [Review here.]

crossaffliction: What happens to a Toad reintroduced into a movie franchise prequel? He’s recast, apparently.

Fred: The social life of lizards.

Fred: Surly, stabby stomatopods.

GreenReaper: Furries descend on Lake Murray. [Higgs Raccoon]

RingtailedFox: Blind Chihuahua saved from Biscayne Bay, in Florida, reunited with its family. Don't you just love happy endings?

Equivamp: Rise of the bronies.

GreenReaper: Flayrah is now on Google+, via HootSuite.

Fred:Michel Gagné's Saga of Rex optioned for animated feature.”

Fred: Cats think humans are "big, stupid cats".

GreenReaper: Looking for a mate? Try throwing a stone.

Higgs Raccoon: The mascots vs. kids hockey game.

Fred: "Lions 'facing extinction in West Africa'".

Fred: Mass-production cloning of pigs. What animal is next?

Higgs Raccoon: Tortoise beats rabbit in China ski contest.

Fred: The African fish that leaps out of the water and eats passing birds.

Fred: Paris copies Japan's cat cafés.

GreenReaper: Short comments now use short avatars.

Higgs Raccoon: Mark "Coonrippy" Brown runs for governor of Tennessee (so he can get his raccoon back).

Fred: More on animal thoughts and rights.

Fred: You can buy glow-in-the-dark plants to light your home.

Fred: Smart birds are slow learners.

Fred: Adorable "fleas" full of natural antifreeze are active on winter snow and ice.

Fred: The desperate, almost certainly fatal life of baby Amazonian macaws.

Fred: Inbreeding in Los Angeles-area cougars because, with freeways and fences, they can't socialize with other cougars.

crossaffliction: I haven’t been keeping up with columns (October’s in the queue) but Monsters University becoming Pixar’s second no-show at the Oscars was a surprise. But yay for the furry Ernest and Celestine!

Fred: Super-animals that teleport and have ESP.

Fred: Why the 12-ton sea cow is extinct.

Higgs Raccoon: Wildlife photographer records the lives of the yellow-ringed pygmy raccoons.

mwalimu: Flavio, who at age 25 was believed to be the world's oldest living tiger, has passed away. He was a former circus tiger who has lived at Big Cat Rescue in Florida since 2002.

GreenReaper: Further Confusion 'expands consciousness' for Silicon Valley.

Fred: Forget LOLcats! Just look at these fish!

Fred: The spiders that make fake spiders.
crossaffliction: Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox will join the Criterion Collection this February.

crossaffliction: Stan Lee will not make a cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy.

GreenReaper: CollegeHumor revisits furry stereotypes in NSFW superhero animation. [tip: LordNagetire]

GreenReaper: New river dolphin species discovered in Brazil.

GreenReaper: The BBC documents the impact of the battle between sea otters and sea urchins on kelp forests.

Higgs Raccoon: The rabbit in Nelson Mandela's ear.

Fred: The British: "Alien moths are coming for your nuts" and "Can blue tits save our conkers?"

dronon: Article in Bust Magazine about women in the fandom. [tip: killercacti/furry reddit]

GreenReaper: Ever wondered what it's like to hunt and eat birds, rats and flying squirrels? This Welshman found out.

GreenReaper: Avenue Q cast congratulate co-creator Robert Lopez and his wife Kristen on the Oscar nomination for “Let It Go” (Frozen). [Perez Hilton]

Fred: Giant sex-starved East African snails eat houses, hold orgies -- but if you live in Miami, you know that.

dronon: Satirical, NSFW animated short from CollegeHumor: ”Furry Superheroes are Super Gross”.

GreenReaper: Alpha0 discusses the cause and resolutions of art blocks. [tip: OntarioFalcon]

GreenReaper: English town hit by 'catnado'. [taikedz]

Fred: Ninety farting cows + static electricity = BOOM!

Fred: More on the cows.

RingtailedFox: Six puppies and their two parents saved from a fiery fate!

dronon: In a world... where a teddy bear could grant you superpowers?

dronon: A Sly Cooper movie is in the works for 2016.

Fred: Fred Patten has a new book that is only partly about funny animals.

Fred: Mega-icebergs and summer storms threaten penguin colonies in Argentina and Antarctica.

Fred: Never mind cyborg humans or cyborg animals; here are cyborg plants.

Higgs Raccoon: The Pittsburgh CLO presents Judge Jackie Justice, a musical comedy "involving zombies, spaceships, furries and more!". (Jan 30-Apr 27)

GreenReaper: Marge Simpson was originally to be a rabbit-person from Matt Groening's comic Life in Hell. [tip: tanookiman]

crossaffliction: Lucario (a.k.a. the Pokémon based on Anubis) returns to Super Smash Bros.



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